Cement vs Plaster

“Again and again those false prophets lied to my people. They said there would be peace, but there is no peace. The people need to fix the walls and prepare for war. But they only slap a thin coat of plaster [a] over the broken walls.” (plaster A type of mud or cement that people used to cover a wall and make it smooth. This is also a wordplay. The Hebrew word is like the word meaning “It will fall.”) Ezekiel 13:10

There have been times in my life when I just wanted to hear a good, encouraging word. Something that would take my mind off what I was going through with my girls or in our marriage. But that’s not always what I received. There were times when the Holy Spirit would have me fall on my face and pray. There were times I just had to deal with something.

Putting on some worship music and praying in the Spirit are two of my favorite fixers. Those two have pulled me out of the pit on more then one occasion. But going before the Lord and waiting for direction is the ONLY way to fix it right.

Plaster may cover a hole in the wall, but if the structure is compromised, it will fail. I believe God is telling us that at times, the promise of peace isn’t what He’s saying. Sometimes it’s a promise that war is coming and we need to prepare.

How do we prepare? We fortify our walls. It may take a bit longer to do it right, but once it’s complete, NObody will get in that way. It’s harder to break down poured concrete then thin plaster. Ephesians 6:10-18 comes to mind here. It begins by saying; Be strong in the Lord and the power of HIS might….Who is mightier then God?

Father, how do I prepare for this battle? By tucking myself up in the knowledge of who is in me-YOU. You fortify me! You are my strength, my present help in time of trouble. I won’t be afraid of this battle. I’ve prepared for this season. I will not be overwhelmed or overtaken, for You are my shield. Your Word is my sword and I will use my tongue to proclaim that my victory is assured. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

Stay Fortified,

Sandy G

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