Your Life is a Result of Your Thinking

My child, pay attention to what I say. Listen to my words. Never let them get away from you. Remember them and keep them in your heart. They will give life and health to anyone who understands them. Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. Proverbs 4:20-23

How many know that when you continually think a certain way, it forms habits that are hard to break? This can work for both good things and bad things. Sin isn’t something that happens overnight. No, it’s something you’ve thought about.

God was very clear about our thought life. I can quote so many verses that talk about this very thing; “As a man thinks, so is he.” “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” “Fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable.”

Part of Gods instruction to Joshua was; Be sure that the book of the Law is always read in your worship. Study it day and night, and make sure that you obey everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Joshua 1:8 GNT

I will make my way prosperous and successful! How, by filling my mind with Gods Word. By thinking on His Word constantly. I call it ‘super-infused’ with the Word. I will only have available to my mouth, the things I put in my heart. I can pray for wisdom till I’m blue in the face, but until I renew my mind, nothing will change.

If you want to know why your life is a mess, go to the Word for a check-up. If your body isn’t lining up with the Word, ask yourself what you’re thinking on. If you’re constantly fearful, begin finding scripture on the peace of God and type them up, read them every day until your mind is renewed and your confidence in God is secure.

God has done everything He will ever do for us to guarantee our success in life. If you’re looking for your life to change dramatically, begin by reading the Word. Make it the focus of your attention. Make it a priority and watch how things shift in your thinker.

Always Thinking,

Sandy G

So Much to do, So Little Time

Ever felt overwhelmed with the task at hand? If you could only have more time, just extend the deadline by an hour, a day. Jesus felt like this when he knew his end was near. He literally downloaded everything he possibly could into the ones who served him faithfully.

Today, we live as if we had all the time in the world, but my friends, time is quickly passing. What we must keep in mind is, we are not of this world but citizens of the Kingdom of God, and our commission is to go into all the world and preach.

What is your world? Where have you been commissioned? I recently told someone that God is preparing them for the place He has commissioned them to be for his plans and purposes.

It’s not about making money, although it’s nice. It’s about that one person who’s been crying out for answers that you have stored inside of you. It’s about souls, it always has been, it always will be.

When we lose the ‘me’ mentality and get the ‘them’ vision, we will make the journey with sure steps because we’ll be following in HIS footsteps not our own. When he sent them, he gave specific instructions to not take anything with them, just the Word, (Matthew 10:7-10) and that He would take care of the rest.

Our life is a journey with the King, keep your light bright so that when you get to the end you will hear the words, “Well done!”

Who Says?

Who says? I remember saying that often to my sister when she tried to boss me around. Like, who gave you authority to tell me what to do.

Have you ever questioned? Especially when someone tells you something you don’t want to hear? I have! Man, it’s something I’ve struggled with most of my life. I know this comes as a huge surprise to most of you. LOL!

God has given us authority over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19). We think of enemies as something we can see, but did you know that the biggest enemy we have is unseen? He accuses us, puts fear on us, addicts us, makes idols for us, convinces us we’re powerless to defeat him when all the while we’ve forgotten Luke 10:19.

II Corinth 10:4 says, “We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.” It’s time we started back talking the devil! Who says, liar! (OMG it IS like talking to my sister! LOL) Who says, I’m sick-liar! By His stripes I’m healed! Who says I’m broke-liar! My God will supply all my needs! Who says I’m afraid-liar! He gave his angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways. 1000 may fall here and 10,000 may fall there but it won’t come near me!

Know who you are! Know your authority! Use your weapons because they are mighty-Use the Word.

The Domino Effect

I remember setting up the domino’s in a line across the hardwood floor and curving it around in an ‘S’ then hitting the first one and watching them all fall down. We’ve probably all done it at some point in our lives or at least seen it done by others. I remember seeing some sort of competition that must have taken months to construct, then watching how each one touched the other and branched off until they had all fallen. Wow, to have that kind of time again. But it seems we do have that kind of time, we just never see all of the effects of the dominos falling.

I was recently reflecting on the lives I’ve come in contact with over the past 66 years of my life. Some of them I’ve affected for good, some for bad, some I was unaware of, some through people I had spoken to. I’ve affected them by a look, a word, a song, a tear, a touch, perhaps in ways I will never know until I stand before God. I’ve been lied to and I have lied. I’ve been misunderstood and I’ve misunderstood, been judged and judged others fairly and unfairly. I’ve been critical and been criticized. I’ve seen things I was not meant to see, exposed and covered, and I have been betrayed and have been a betrayer.

I know this sounds a bit melancholy especially for me, but it’s reflections like these that make me so grateful for the grace of God. Perhaps I should capitalize that word, GRACE. I don’t think I’ve ever realized what a gift it is. When I’ve spoken out of hurt-GRACE. When I’ve misunderstood-GRACE. But it isn’t just when it’s on the receiving end, it’s most powerful when it’s on the GIVING end. When I’ve been hurt-I can GIVE GRACE. When I’ve been betrayed- I can GIVE GRACE.

Grace is the domino effect I want to focus on today. Not on all the stuff I’ve done but can’t change. Living in the past is futile, but extending the grace of God to others is investing in their future as well as my own. Each time I touch someone with Gods Grace, His undeserved and unmerited favor, I’m affecting their lives for the good and each life they touch will be linked forever with the first domino, Jesus. His act of falling into us has touched more lives then any competition domino game I’ve ever seen. It’s far reaching, circling the globe from the north to the south, from the east to the west.

Ha, I wonder what Jesus thinks of being called a domino? You know what I mean though, right? If I dwell on the missed opportunities to show Grace, then I’m missing the ones that are right in front of me. Better to pursue opportunities then look for lost ones. And isn’t that the whole point of Gods Grace? The past remains there and the future is wide open for us. Once a domino falls forward, everything follows suit.

I’m never one to spend a lot of time looking back. I’ve told people for years, you can’t drive somewhere looking in the rearview mirror. That’s an accident waiting to happen! What’s behind you is to be glanced at, learned from but never to be focused on.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, your hope and your future. Be His Grace to those in your life. He’s great at taking care of our past AND our future.

The Things Money Can’t Buy

What is the price of peace? How much would you spend to get some? If your life is full of stress, worry and turmoil, that is NOT the place God wants you to be. But it takes consistent practice and the renewing of your mind to get there.

You can’t wait till terror strikes to train your mind to stay at peace. No, it’s a trained response to rest in the knowledge that God is good, that He cares for you and you can trust Him. No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.

John 14:27 GNT, Jesus said; “Peace is what I leave with you; it is my own peace that I give you. I do not give it as the world does. Do not be worried and upset; do not be afraid.”

If you’re tired of letting anxiety and fear govern you and the decisions you make, Jesus left you His peace. When you keep your mind focused on Him and His provision, even though the things you face are still there, you’re seeing it while sitting on the lap of a very big God.

I speak peace to your day, the peace that passes understanding, guarding your heart and mind. The peace that sweeps over you, bringing you everything you need for today, restoring everything missing or broken in your life.

Repairer of broken things, redeemer of missed moments, wrong steps and deep losses, come press over me today. Don’t pass me by! Don’t allow me to be too busy that I miss this opportunity to soak in your presence where your peace is found.

Amazing Father, as I sit in your presence this morning, I thank you that in your presence is fullness of joy, peace that passes understanding, and overwhelming love. I always come away with so much more than I entered with. The exchange for my burdens and cares, pain and sadness, deepest losses, are met with Your grace and goodness. I walk away restored.

“No one ever cared for me like Jesus, there’s no other friend so kind as he. No one else can take the sin and darkness from me. Oh how much he cares for me.”

One Foot in Front of The Other

If all you’ve been hearing is a loud, NO, NO, NO! remember that ‘Delay is not Denial!’ It only takes one letter to change NO into NOW. One step to get from here to there.

I love it when you listen to a message and God keeps dropping things into your spirit. It’s like you’re getting your own personalized prophesy about your own situation.  You may not ‘get it’ right now, but you will.

Don’t allow what you’ve been going through to stop you dead in your tracks. God never intended for your circumstances to keep you where you are. Keep moving. Keep believing. Keep speaking. God gives you a dream for a reason and a season. If it hasn’t happened yet, remember that sometimes God has to delay so things He purposed will come on time. There are a lot of things involved in the fulfillment of your promise so now isn’t the time to quit. One foot in front of the other, you’re almost there, don’t stop until you see what you’ve been believing for.

I Corinthians 9:24, “Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.”

If You Ask, I Will Do

John 14:12-14 GW This is a part of what Jesus said to us, his disciples: “I can guarantee this truth: Those who believe in me will do the things that I am doing. They will do even greater things because I am going to the Father. I will do anything you ask the Father in my name so that the Father will be given glory because of the Son. If you ask me to do something, I will do it.”

There are some keys here that we need to see. 1. This is a guarantee. Defined; to make oneself answerable for (something) on behalf of someone else who is primarily responsible.

2. We will do the things Jesus was doing and even greater things. This includes; walking in unconditional love always; forgiving and letting things go; compassion that moves us to give of ourselves without complaint; no murmuring; forfeiting your own will and desires for the good of the Kingdom.

3. We can ask anything of the Father in Jesus Name that will give the Father glory. WHAT? We can’t just have anything we want? We can’t ask for a million dollars and have it drop magically in our account? What? It can have no selfish ambition attached to it at all.

Jesus went about doing good and healing ALL, how many of us live our lives like that? How many of us can really say that our minds are SO toward God that we never think of our own needs or wants because we know the Father will take care of us. Most, if not all of us would have to admit to this.

Father, forgive me. I’m so not like Jesus. My eyes are still glued to my bills. I still want for wrong reasons. My faith is still so small. The more I read about you, the smaller I feel. So this morning, I ask to know you more. To hunger and thirst for your presence. To overflow onto others the love and compassion that Jesus had for the lost you love. May I not be critical of others and their motives. How do I know what their motives are! Open my eyes to try to find the good in ALL those around me, not just those who are nice to me. Only then will you be able to break through the walls they’ve formed from rejection and hurt. Only then will my own walls come down so that you can touch them through me. Jesus, give me your eyes. I’m broken, please fix me.

Forever Yours

Sandy G

God Is King

God is King, robed and ruling, God is robed and surging with strength. And yes, the world is firm, immovable,
Your throne ever firm—you’re Eternal!
Sea storms are up, God,
Sea storms wild and roaring,
Sea storms with thunderous breakers.
Stronger than wild sea storms,
Mightier than sea-storm breakers,
Mighty God rules from High Heaven.
What you say goes—it always has. “Beauty” and “Holy” mark your palace rule, God, to the very end of time. Psalm 93 Message Bible

Everyone’s mind is on the storm. Social media is filled with facts, sober reports fill the news as the storm builds. Flashes of what happened in Texas. Warnings to evacuate. Store shelves bare. God is King, robed and ruling!

Should we go or should we stay? If we wait too long, it will be impossible to leave. Sea storms are up, God, sea storms wild and roaring, sea storms with thunderous breakers.

But You oh God are mightier than sea-storm breakers. You are mighty and ruling from Heaven. Aware of what we face and the storms around us. You call to us, “Here I am! Mighty to save! Mighty to deliver! Trust in me! Don’t be afraid! Keep your eyes on me for I will deliver you from the storm you see. Stand still and know that I am God!”

Whether your storm is seen or felt, it’s still a very real threat to your safety and peace. Magnify the Lord, not the storm. Let us exalt His name forever! He will take care of us, because He will never see the righteous forsaken. All those who trust in the Lord will not be ashamed. He will not let the enemy triumph over us. Remember the mighty acts He’s done in the past? He is well able to deliver you from this storm.

Remember He’s King,

Sandy G

My Psalm

Psalm 63:1-5 “O God, you are my God, and I long for you. My whole being desires you; like a dry, worn-out, and waterless land, my soul is thirsty for you. Let me see you in the sanctuary; let me see how mighty and glorious you are. Your constant love is better than life itself, and so I will praise you. I will give you thanks as long as I live; I will raise my hands to you in prayer. My soul will feast and be satisfied, and I will sing glad songs of praise to you.”

This morning, I wrote a similar song to the Lord as I journaled my thoughts to the King. I believe that this is why God had such close relationship with David, calling him ‘the apple of His eye’. It’s the love songs, the pouring out of ones heart to someone, that creates strong bonds of relationship.

Think of your closest friend who has seen you at your worst and best. The exchange of deepest dreams, the look of love, the understanding glance. If you’ve been friends for years, you just ‘know’ when somethings wrong, when their heart is heavy, when they just need a friend.

Well, that’s who God longs to be to us, but unless we trust to share our deepest wounds and our greatest joys with Him, we will never develop that ‘knowing’ trust I’m talking about. With each other, that kind of relationship can take a long time to develop, but with God, it takes a moment.

Start in the Psalms, and just read it out loud to the Lord, just as David spoke them long ago, make it your own hearts cry. Weep before Him. Close your eyes and picture Him wrapping you in His arms of love. Now rest in that place and know that His love for you is constant, never changing, always present, even when you don’t ‘feel’ He’s there.

“For He, God Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let you down relax My hold on you! Assuredly not!” Hebrews 13:5b Amp.

There is nothing to get you through your day like an encounter with God. Relax! He’s got this!

Sandy G

No More Struggle

Is your life a struggle sometimes? All the time? I was reading in Galatians this morning and realized the reason we struggle is because we trust in the law not in Gods grace. We think that if we do everything right, we’ll be blessed, that our obedience in keeping the commands of God will gain His favor. WRONG!

Galatians 4:28-29; “And you, dear brothers and sisters, are children of the promise, just like Isaac. But you are now being persecuted by those who want you to keep the law, just as Ishmael, the child born by human effort, persecuted Isaac, the child born by the power of the Spirit.”

We are born of the Spirit, made free by what Jesus did on the cross. Our obligation is to believe that what He did was enough. Enough to make us free and keep us free. Enough to heal every disease, meet every need, take away our yoke of bondage once and for all. Paul said its a gift that we must receive by faith, not works. Man can’t boast or get the glory for such a freely given gift.

I declare, I will not struggle anymore! I’m made perfect because HE is perfect. When you look at me, look really hard because staring back at you is Jesus, my hope of glory.

Keep Climbing

“In my trouble I called upon the Lord. Yes, I cried to my God. From His house He heard my voice. My cry for help came into His ears.” 2 Samuel 22:7

“Daddyyyyyy!” I remember calling out from the heights of a tree I’d climbed. I loved to climb, but coming down was another story. The first time, (yes, it happened more then once) he came with the extension ladder and helped me climb down. The 2nd time, he stood at the bottom for quite a long time, may I add, until I realized he wasn’t going to bring the ladder, I had to climb down myself.

He talked me down one knot at a time until my feet were firmly planted on the ground. It was then he realized that I would indeed climb again and to tell me NOT to climb, only made me want to do it more. Having heard all the crazy things my dad had done as a child, I think he understood my need for a challenge. Each time I climbed, I knew that I had to have the courage to find my way down, even if my daddy was nowhere around. Over time, I became as good coming down and I was going up, but it took careful planning and determination.

There’s not a lot about my past I remember, it was after all a very long time ago, but as I grow older, I have flashes of memories and this was one of them. I’m not sure why this story popped into my head when I read this verse, but it did.

Like my earthly daddy, my heavenly Daddy knows my need for a challenge so He sets me on a path of obstacles. Those obstacles make me more determined to climb higher because my Daddy is at the top, I’m climbing toward Him. Nothing and no one can stop me from climbing to Him. I have my heart set on Him, He is my reward.

I may stop along the way when I grow tired, but my Father rushes toward me or sends His angels to surround and strengthen me on my journey. He gives me His Word that He’ll never leave me, never, never, no never will He leave me alone. So my friend, I encourage you to set your mind on your prize. Don’t give up this close to the top! We can do this together! Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Keep Climbing,

Sandy G