Now That I Have You


My darling bride, my private paradise, fastened to my heart. A secret spring are you that no one else can have— my bubbling fountain hidden from public view. What a perfect partner to me now that I have you. Song of Songs 4:12 Passion Translation

When I first read this, I quickly typed it in a text to a special young lady God has lovingly placed in our lives. It so aptly described how I see her. Someone God has hidden away from public view, someone with a select purpose for His eyes only.

But as I read it again, I realized He’s speaking to all of us. The ones who have separated themselves to Him, so in love that nothing else matters. There are things in each of us that no one else can duplicate because we’ve each been created for a unique purpose. It’s easy to see this in others, but so hard to see it in yourself. Yet here it is. His own private paradise where He retreats to spend time alone with you and me.

What will you do with the invitation to come to Him? I see so many trying to find satisfaction in a human relationship that they will only find in God. They leave one for another only to be disappointed. My friend, that is why Jesus said, “So above all, constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from him. Then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly.” (Matthew 6:33 Passion)

I have nothing in myself that is of any value that hasn’t come out of God’s presence. Nothing! Every bit of this is all from Him. Every revelation. Every word that comes out of me that’s an encouragement to others, from Him. I must give credit where credit is due. Without God, my words would be flat and miss the mark. It’s out of the secret place, the cuddle space, my Jesus time, that’s where it comes from. How can I say no to an invitation like that?

“Come away my sweet bride! My heart strings are fastened to yours forever. I have so much to tell you, so many secrets for your ears alone. Come sit with me and let me whisper my love to you. When you put me first, I will fill you full to overflow onto others so that their desire for me may burn as well.”

Here I Come Lord!

Sandy G


Pressure & Presence


For when I was desperate, overwhelmed, and about to give up, you were the only one there to help. You gave me a way of escape from the hidden traps of my enemies. Psalm 142:3 Passion Translation

I recently had a conversation with my daughter, Shannon about her dog, Sassy (yes this is her in the picture). Poor SassyFrass is extremely fearful of thunder and lightening. Shannon usually puts a blanket in the closet where she shelters till the storm is over, but this particular closet seems to amplify the sounds. Sassy will jump up behind her and Shannon just leans back against her to apply pressure and assurance of her presence. It takes awhile, but soon she stops shaking and relaxes into sleep.

When I am desperate, overwhelmed, and about to give up… that you? Do the words that David penned centuries ago, seem to echo the cry in your heart? Perhaps it’s time to lean into the Father and allow the pressure of His presence to change your fear to peace and joy.

In our effort to squelch fears and anxious thoughts, we try to stay busy and distracted. But what if this is an invitation to come sit in the Fathers lap. There’s just nothing that can describe the feeling of security and comfort that brings. To teach our children the Word of God and the plans He has to give them a future and a hope.

If you can relate to this in any way, listen to the call to come away. Don’t get warped by the world views or statistics. Allow God to shape your reality into how He sees things. Come up higher where the air is clear. Run and jump up behind the Fathers back so that He can lean into you and assure you He is right where you need Him to be, keeping you safe and secure and waiting to show Himself strong on your behalf.

I speak peace to your storm! I speak peace to your circumstance! That you would get a divine revelation of the God you serve and that He is well able to keep you in the situation you face. There is nothing too hard for Him and not one thing that surprises Him. He knows what you have need of even before you do. Find Him today and snuggle up until you stop shaking and fall asleep in His presence.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G




Now THAT’s a Promise!


“You unhappy one, storm-tossed and troubled,  I am ready to rebuild you with precious stones and embed your foundation with sapphires.  I will make your towers of rubies, your gates of sparkling jewels, and all your walls of precious, delightful stones.  All your children will be taught by Yahweh, and great will be their peace and prosperity.  You will be established in righteousness.
    Oppression—be far from them!
    Fear—be far from them!
    Yes, terror will not come near you, nor will you be afraid.
If anyone dares to stir up strife against you, it is not from me! Those who challenge you will go down in defeat.  See, I am the one who created the craftsman who fans the coals into a fire and forges a weapon fit for its purpose, and I am the one who created the destroyer to destroy.
But I promise you, no weapon meant to hurt you will succeed, and you will refute every accusing word spoken against you. This promise is the inheritance of Yahweh’s servants, and their vindication is from me,” says Yahweh. Isaiah 54:11-17 Passion Translation

This is yet another piece of the covenant promises over my children that I have spoken over them for years. As I read it again in this translation, I decided to share it because some of you moms, dads and grandparents need to be speaking this to your family when they call you afraid.

When I feel the least bit of anxiety of fear try to creep in and raise it’s ugly head, I address it like this: My Father said fear will be far from us, so don’t try to show your face here, you’re not welcome here! Oppression, go! Worry, go! Anxious thoughts, go! My God will supply all my need, not some of my needs, not a few of my needs but ALL! So I cast the care of it back over to the Lord and I stand, firmly grounded on the Solid Rock of my Salvation.

You can ask anyone who knows me, I absolutely refuse to believe anything that opposes the Word of God. I don’t care what fancy words you try to use to describe how you feel, feelings have to change, they are subject to the Word of God. You can label it PTSD, but it can’t stand up to the Word of God. You can call it cancer, still has to bow to the Word of God. It could be congestive heart failure, still no match for the Word of God.

God sent His Word and healed you and delivered you from ALL disease. If it has a name, it’s under the blood. God made accommodations for everything that would try to come against you. Even this virus is subject to the Word of God.

Let’s read that last verse again: “But I promise you, no weapon meant to hurt you will succeed, and you will refute every accusing word spoken against you. This promise is the inheritance of Yahweh’s servants, and their vindication is from me,” says Yahweh.

That seals the deal right there. Even if the virus is leveled against me, it can’t succeed. Trust me, I’ve been accused of being too literal, being too radical, not following the ‘rules’ but let me tell you this, I believe that God’s Word is the final say and Jesus said I could have whatever I believe. I’d rather believe God who I know, then you who I don’t.

About 3 years ago, the Lord told me there was coming a time when a chasm of division would open up between those who believe and those who don’t. Those who trust and believe in the power of God and those who only use God when they need Him.  Let that not be you. It’s time to believe with everything in you. It may not be popular, you may loose friends, people will laugh at you and you may doubt your decision, but know this, when the time comes, you will refute every accusing word spoken against you.

That’s a Promise,

Sandy G


Peace Be With You


Peace be with you, do not be afraid. Your God and the God of your father has given you treasure in your sacks. Genesis 42:23

As I sit thinking of all the financial turmoil around the world, people affected by this quarantine, no work, offices closing or closed, the money they had saved dwindling to zero. I was tempted to become overwhelmed and stressed just like everyone else is when suddenly, I remembered this verse and heard the Lord say these words;

“Peace to you! I have placed treasure in your sacks! Trust in me and my provision for you. Many of you planted in the time of famine instead of eating your seed. You planted in good soil and it’s producing now. The return on your investment is greater than you could ever see coming. Your future is secure. Look and see, for I have placed treasure before you and it will not only sustain you in this time of need, but others will be blessed by your harvest.”

I might be the only one who needed to hear those words, but I’m a sower, so I’m just going to sow them into your lives as well. If you need it, receive it. If you don’t, pass it on and share it with others.

Isn’t that the coolest thing to hear when your accounting says the opposite? It’s almost like He’s saying, “Relax! Don’t stress out over things you can’t control. Leave it my capable hands and I’ll take care of this one for you.”

Remember when the disciples were stressing about the taxes because they needed to be paid? Jesus sent Peter to catch a fish….with a coin in it’s mouth… pay the taxes with! Don’t get all logical on me now!

If Jesus could call a fish to pay taxes, and God can have Joseph place treasure in sacks to care for his distant relatives, is He not able to supply for you as well? Take all that worry, anxiety and focus and place it on the knowledge of who God is and what He’s able to do in your time of need. Take that tiny seed of faith and plant it where it’s better served.

I’m trusting You, Father. I will lay down the load I carry and exalt Your great name. You are more than able to keep what I’ve committed to You. I place my hand in Your hand and I ask You will open the eyes of my brothers and sisters around the world. May they see You in ways they’ve never seen before. Stir up people around the world to look to You once again and restore unto us the joy of our Salvation. It’s all for Your glory! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Until Tomorrow-keep Trusting,

Sandy G

How’s Your Vision?


I hadn’t had an eye exam in 4 years and knew I needed to get my prescription updated. Besides, my lenses had a couple scratches in them and it bugged me once in a while. I made an appointment with the same eye doctor Walt sees. I’ve accompanied him many times and I just really like the doctors and the staff.

The day of the appointment, I was ushered back to a tiny room where a young man began to use a new machine to take pictures of my eyeball. It was so cool! He showed me the picture and I kept thinking, God made that! WOW!

Then I went to another room where they did the familiar, ‘look through this and read whichever line you can.’ I rattled off the 5th line down and he was impressed. We did the other eye and then the doctor came in, took a look and said, “I can make a small change in your prescription to bring you up to 20/20. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing because your eyes look great!”

I’ve been a bit busy over the past month so I haven’t filled the prescription yet, but I’ve been thinking about what he said, “Keep doing what you’re doing, your eyes look great.” I was wondering how my spiritual eyes look? Are there scratches on my lenses or is it something deeper? Perhaps I’ve lost my ability to focus.

Whatever it is, open my eyes that I may see clearly. Give me eyes that see how You see, Father. When I look at people around me, may I see their hearts and not their actions. May I respond in Love so that hope may rise up inside of them. May they have revelation of You, to know You in all Your fullness and Glory. It’s in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G


Hello God of Love


The Lord passed in front of Moses, calling out,“Yahweh! The Lord! The God of compassion and mercy! I am slow to anger and filled with unfailing love and faithfulness. Exodus 34:6 NLT

God descended in the cloud and took up His position beside him and called out the name, God. God passed in front of him and called out, “God, God, a God of mercy and grace, endlessly patient—so much love, so deeply true—loyal in love for a thousand generations, forgiving iniquity, rebellion and sin. ” The Message Translation

What a beautiful portrait this paints as God announces himself to Moses. It reminded me a little of a royal family as each person who enters is announced by title and country. This was a part of God that Moses didn’t know, a part of God that some of us have yet to discover.

The God of compassion and mercy, slow to anger, filled with unfailing love and faithfulness. Just repeating that to myself causes something to explode inside of me like fireworks against a dark sky. 

“Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Jesus, the son of God. I died for your past, present and future sins all at one time and once and for all. There’s no mention of them in heaven. When you need me, all you have to do is call on me. I sent the Holy Spirit to you so that you would have the power you need to do what I left you to do. I am deeply and madly in love with you, forever.”

That’s what God announced to Moses and that message is for you as well. I don’t know how you were introduced to God, but He’s not a mean, gruff Father who is waiting for you to screw up so He can knock you up side the head. If that’s your idea of Father’s love, read those verses again. Because the God of Moses is Your God and He loves you.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G


When You Feel You Have No More To Give


When he saw the vast crowds of people, Jesus’ heart was deeply moved with compassion, because they seemed weary and helpless, like wandering sheep without a shepherd. Matthew 9:36 TPT

I wonder if Jesus ever got tired of ministering? I mean He was human and I know there have been times as a human, I’ve been tired of constantly giving out! Oh, I love helping people, totally love encouraging others, but even I have my limits.

Yesterday as I shared the moment my pastor called me when I was in crisis, I began thinking about how timely that was and wondered, how many times have I been someone else’s timely answer? I think a key here is knowing when to give and when to receive. It revitalizes me to give, but it revitalizes others to give as well.  And being sensitive to the Spirit in what we should be giving is HUGE!

So continuing yesterdays story…..

As I was leaving the driveway, I called the nurses station and asked how Walt was doing. Her good news set my heart at ease and I continued onto the birthday party.

That night, I was celebrated by a group of ladies who honored me and lavished love on me.  I was blown away by their gift, but I was even more blown away by how each one of them freely allowed God to work through them. They laughed, they talked and encouraged me. What began as the worst birthday ever, ended up being the best birthday ever.

In the morning, I sat in the same place I do every morning, where I am this morning, in His presence, reading His Word and allowing Him to speak in and through me. My thoughts were on Walt and I remember thinking, I really need to get up to see him before I go to work. Just as quickly as I thought that, I heard the Spirit say, “Not this morning! Stay here with Me and let me show you My perspective.”

Sitting in His presence, He began to give me a vision of how He saw Walt. I could choose to come into agreement with what He showed me or stay in agreement with what I saw in the natural. My choice. Guess what I chose?

Wednesday I dropped him off to work for the first time in a month and a half.  I see him at 100%, because the Word of the Lord was, “He will run and not be weary, he will walk and not faint. I will renew Walt just as the eagles rest and are renewed. I have purpose for Walt. He will fulfill his purpose in the earth.”

Next week, I’m going to share with you about allowing God’s perspective to change yours.

Until Then,

Sandy G