No Entrance Here!

So above all, guard the affections of your heart, for they affect all that you are. Pay attention to the welfare of your innermost being, for from there flows the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23 Passion Translation

Have you ever reacted to something and later wished you could take back what you said? We all have, trust me, I struggle with this daily! But if you could, what would you do? I don’t think this verse would have been written if it wasn’t possible. How would you prepare to respond correctly?

My personal opinion is that although I can’t predict when things happen, I can choose to trust in God and the covenant He has with me. If I know my covenant, I can expect God to keep His end of the bargain. So if something contrary comes along, I put up my hand and say, stop right there! You can’t cross that line because my God said, “No plague will come near my home!” Stop right there, my God said that my enemy won’t triumph over me. He didn’t say there wouldn’t be battle, only that He would win.

So when circumstances & situations knock loudly at the door to gain entrance in your already crowded mind, make a decision before it even happens, NO ENTRANCE HERE! You can’t wait till it knocks to guard your mind, your mind must already be fortified, the locks & bolts firmly in place.

The Word says that you will KNOW the truth and it will make you free. It doesn’t say you will read the Word, glance at the Word or even memorize the Word. It says KNOW it. That word expresses deep intimacy with the Word. It must be more of a reality to you then your circumstances or situations. Overcomer’s KNOW the WORD.

Sandy G

Count Your Blessings Day

Let your heart be always guided by the peace of the Anointed One, who called you to peace as part of his one body. And always be thankful. Colossians 3:15 Passion Translation

What do you have to be thankful for? How about the gift of God’s Love? It’s always there, constant even when we screw up. It’s not something we’ve earned or deserve, it’s simply free.

How about eternal life? When I chose to believe in Jesus, He gave the assurance that not only I would inherit eternal life, but those in my house as well. “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved, you and your house.” What a blessing!

How about healing? I’m thankful each day that healing is an intricate part of salvation. By His stripes, I’m healed! No one can take my healing. I trust in my covenant!

Of course I’m thankful for my family, friends and the ability to worship freely. These are only a few things, but I sure would love for you to add what you’re thankful for in the comments. I love reading about you and the wonderful things God has done for you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to count your blessings.

Sandy G

Don’t Compare Your Gift With Theirs

I was sitting in church one Sunday and heard someone singing behind me with such a beautiful voice. I wondered why her gift wasn’t being used, she could have easily been on a stage of some kind. What a shame, I thought, my voice sounds like fingers on a chalkboard compared to hers.

Suddenly I heard the Spirit speak, “The deceiver comes to convince people that they have no gift, that their gift isn’t good enough, not pretty enough. He even tells them they have no talent until they place the gift upon a shelf or only use it for themselves. He makes them ‘shy’, they say, ‘Oh no thank you, I’m not good enough.’

“They refuse out of fear, self deprivation and just plain selfishness. I gave them a gift so that My plans and purposes could come in the earth. When you bless Me with your gift by using it as an offering, even if it’s not perfect in your ears, it is perfect in Mine.”

Well that brought me up short. How many times have I done the same thing? It made me realize that ‘perfect’ to me is distorted compared to God’s perspective. If I constantly compare my gift to others’ gifts, I’d never sing again, never type another word on my blog, never share a smile or word of encouragement.

If your struggle is as real as mine, don’t listen to the deceiver! Don’t let him win over the ‘imperfect’ gift you possess. If it’s good enough for God, it’s good enough. Be thankful for what you do have, don’t compare yourself with others and don’t sit on your gift. Use it or lose it, your choice.

Father, I humbly offer my old gift to you. May it be sweet to Your ears and bring glory to You. For all the other gifts I hold, may I not discount them based on my abilities, but Yours. It’s faith in You that allows me to be successful in all I do. As I discover these gifts, may I open them up and ask you for instructions so they may bless you and others. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

The Voice You Hear

Have you ever been in a crowded and noisy place and distinctly heard your name? I was at the mall a while ago and that happened to me. I turned around to search for the person responsible, their voice sounded so familiar. I woke up this morning to a familiar voice. No, not Walt, I heard the Spirit of God nudge me awake so we could just love on each other.

Psalms 3:4, “I cried to the LORD with my voice, And He heard me from His holy hill.”

Psalm 120:1, “In my distress I cried to the LORD, And He heard me.” and Jonah 2:2, “I cried out to the LORD because of my affliction, and He answered me. Out of the belly of Sheol I cried, And You heard my voice.”

How exciting! It doesn’t matter how you cry out, He hears! Isn’t that the most awesome thing you’ve heard in awhile? Whisper his name, Jesus. Call out his name, Jesus. SHOUT OUT HIS NAME, JESUS! It doesn’t matter how you say it, be assured He will come running to rescue you, provide comfort, healing, deliver, whatever you need at that moment, He’s your ‘go-to guy’!

As I type this, I’m full and overflowing with the joy of His sweet presence. Just do it. Close your eyes and say His name over and over. See what I mean? He’s only waiting for you to call His name. No agenda! No requests! Just say His name and no other. He said if you seek me you will find me if you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

His presence is all we need! Enjoy Him today as He also enjoys you.

Sandy G

Don’t Call It Quits

Though we experience every kind of pressure, we’re not crushed. At times we don’t know what to do, but quitting is not an option. 2 Corinthians 4:8 TPT

There’s an old song we used to sing in church. It’s probably been a good 20 years, but it goes along with this verse so well. The verse starts out like this: “I am pressed but not crushed, persecuted not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. I am blessed beyond the curse for His promise will endure that His joy’s gonna be my strength. Though sorrow may last but a night, joy comes in the morning.”

Someone needs to hear that today. Regardless of how hard today may be, there’s always tomorrow. God has gone before you and made provision for your journey—today. Sufficient unto the day, right? Let tomorrow take care of itself.

I speak peace over you my dear friend. Peace to your day. Peace to your storm. Peace to your stress. Don’t quit! Just get through today and put your hope in the God of your yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Keep on keeping on,

Sandy G

It’s All About The Setting

We don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won’t be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! We’ll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us! 1 Corinthians 13:12 Message

Reflection: the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected. an image; “Gazing intently into the eyes of Jesus is like peering into an everlasting mirror and seeing two reflections, all that I am not and all that I am meant to be.”

An older jeweler once told me that regardless of how small the diamond, if the setting was right and high enough, it would reflect the light and be beautiful. I wonder if that is what it means to reflect the Glory and Goodness of God. When we set on sights on Him and we stay in high places, far above principalities and powers, perhaps it’s that that causes us to reflect Him.

That’s what I want to do. Regardless of my place in this world, that I will reflect His Love, His Goodness and His Grace. Every time people look at me, they see His reflection. That the light of His presence so fills the room that it blinds them, no longer able to see what’s in the natural, only Him.

Change only happens when Love transforms a person from the inside out.


Sandy G

Step Into His Arms And Rest

Destruction is certain for those who argue with their Creator. Does a clay pot ever argue with its maker? Does the clay dispute with the one who made it saying, ‘Stop, you are doing it wrong!’ Does the pot exclaim, ‘How clumsy can you be!’ Isa 45:9

I may not understand my pain as I go through a trial. I surely don’t understand the ways or thoughts of God on most things. But I so trust His ability to use whatever happens that it will be for my good.

He certainly has a way of taking all the pieces and using them for growth and excellence in all things pertaining to the Kingdom of God working in me. I don’t understand the workings of it, but I will not argue with Him about it.

I believe it was about 3 years ago now that I clearly heard the Lord say, “I’m going to grow you into a deeper level of trust. A trust built on a sure foundation of Me and My Word.” Well, He sure did what He said! I wasn’t expecting it to all happen the way it did, but I sure stepped up my knowledge of His Covenant and what that means to me. I have learned to confidently trust Him in ways, even when they’re unexpected.

Yesterday, I posted the verse from Psalm 27:14 about waiting on the Lord. If you didn’t read it, go take a look at it. I’ve really been trying to set my mind on His promises and stepping back from it, resting in His ability to finish what He started on His own. When He’s ready for me to get involved, I’ll be well rested and ready to step in, but until that time, I won’t argue or dispute, I’ll just trust Him.

There’s Peace In His Rest,

Sandy G

Why Is Waiting So Hard?

Ever have those days, weeks, months or years, when you wonder how much longer before you see breakthrough? How much longer before healing manifests? How much longer before what you’ve believing for comes to pass? Sometimes the cry in my heart is, “How long, Lord?”

I’ve never claimed to be proficient in the patience department. The fact is; I HATE TO WAIT!!!! Guess I can’t get much clearer than that. Usually I opt to get busy and do it myself because waiting is torture for me, watching someone else try to do it makes me want to scream and twitch. Some of us are just wired like that-control freaks is what they call us.

But we can’t control God. No sir-ee-bobaloo! We can’t make Him move faster, work harder nor can we ‘help’ Him out. Oh I’m not saying we don’t try, trust me! Been there, done that!

My least favorite verse is found in Psalm 27:14, “Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.” SERIOUSLY? TWICE?

Today during devotions I heard the Lord laugh. Yes, I heard Him laugh. I think He does that often, at least with me, I’m sure I give Him great joy! These were His words to me, “You look so uncomfortable in your waiting position, like a child waiting to unwrap her gift. Perhaps if I give you a glimpse of what’s inside, it would suffice you, but no, I see your desire to possess it all so I say to you, press into My presence. Draw near to Me. When you seek Me with all your heart you will find so much more of Me. I am your gift to unwrap.”

So on this morning, I unwrap another portion of my gift from the Lord. I’m undone in His presence, sitting in the midst of wrapping paper and ribbons, tossing them up in the air and enjoying a laugh with the Lord. Ok, I will double wait on you Lord, but lets lose the ‘patiently’ part!

Tossing The Paper,

Sandy G

If You Think I’m a Mess–Look Again!

“He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6).

There are a couple of things that this verse tells me. First it says that the work is continual, ongoing, basically until Jesus returns again. Secondly, it says that God is the one who begins it and finishes it.

The thing that God began in me, He alone is faithful to complete it. I may look like a hopeless case, but you should have seem me before He got ahold of me.

When I look back over my life, I’m reminded of a sculptor working on an image. It takes lots of time and patience as he gently carves away small amounts of unwanted or un-needed material. What I didn’t expect is that as the piece is finished, it looks nothing like me, but more like Him.

Psalms 51:16-17 MSG says, “Going through the motions doesn’t please you, a flawless performance is nothing to you, I learned God-worship when my pride was shattered. Heart-shattered lives ready for love don’t for a moment escape God’s notice.”

Father, as I walk this out today, may my offering be a sweet incense to you. Thank you for being so patient with me. For creating in me a clean heart and renewing a right spirit in me. Don’t ever stop working on me! I want to resemble you more and more everyday, in every way.

He’s Not Done Yet,

Sandy G

He Will Care For You

Ever have a large pile of yarn that got tangled? You can sit for hours trying to untangle the mess and someone else comes in, picks up one piece and pulls and the whole thing straightens out. Maddening, isn’t it?

Stress and strain can do us in, but another’s perspective can change everything. You may be staring at a pile of bills that you don’t know how you’re going to pay. Perhaps a doctors report that looks hopeless or a pink slip that says your job ends on Friday. Whatever you’re facing, God wants you to step away into His arms and see it through His eyes.

“So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you!” Hebrews 10:35 NLT

How much time do we waste trying to figure out things we weren’t meant to? God wants us to rest in His ability, not our own. I wonder how much further we’d be if we’d learn that simple act of pausing to adjust our thinking?

Can’t you see that God is standing next to us with outstretched arms waiting to carry our load. Let’s not insist on carrying it alone anymore. Turn to Him, place it all in His hands and say this, “I will rest in you until you tell me what to do with it. I will not come out of this place of rest.”

Do you feel the weight shift from you to Him? Ephesians 3:20 NLT says, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

Today, I’ll let You take care of me!

Sandy G