Is it You?


“I leave the gift of peace with you–my peace. Not the kind of fragile peace given by the world, but my perfect peace. Don’t yield to fear of be troubled in your hearts–instead, be courageous!” John 14:27 TPT

I was awakened this morning with a heavy heart and began to cry out to the Lord for someone. Perhaps it was you, I don’t know. What I do know is that God loves you very much, enough to wake me up to pray for you.

Whatever you’re going through, the Spirit of God is near. Call on Him and He will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know not of. I will stay on my knees till this lifts and I know you’re going to be alright.

I commission angels to go, take the Words spoken that they may pierce this situation and bring freedom. I speak peace over this turmoil. Peace, be still to the storm. Peace to the battle raging on the inside of you.

Father, You sent Your Word (Jesus) and healed them, delivering them from all disease. You are the great I AM and there is no one like You. Nothing is too hard for You and there is nothing You haven’t already made provision for.

I bind the spirit of fear and discouragement trying to hinder your work in them. You’ve not given us the spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind. Guard their heart and mind as they focus on You. May they sense a rushing, mighty wind blowing away away all the doubt and unbelief. It’s in Jesus’ mighty name we pray, Amen.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

God’s Not Your Sugar Daddy!


“Do you know of any parent who would give his hungry child, who asked for food, a plate of rocks instead?  Or when asked for a piece of fish, what parent would offer his child a snake instead?  If you, imperfect as you are, know how to lovingly take care of your children and give them what’s best, how much more ready is your heavenly Father to give wonderful gifts to those who ask him?” Matthew 7:9-11 TPT

So many times I’ve heard people say things like, “I don’t believe in God. I asked Him to do something and He didn’t do it.” If your whole preface for believing in God is to get what you want, my friend you’ve missed the point. God isn’t a ‘sugar daddy’, He’s our spiritual Father, our creator, who has good plans for us and longs to care for us.

To not believe in God based on this assumption is equivalent to me not believing I have a body because I don’t like what it’s given me. Yet here I am, staring at myself in the mirror. I may not like what I see, but that’s on me, not God!

Jesus was trying to show people that God is a generous and loving Father. It’s not in His nature to be anything else. When you’re hungry, He’ll feed you. He did it for the children of Israel in the desert. He did it for Elijah under a broom tree. He doesn’t always do it the same way, but He’ll do it.

The thing is, we tend to focus on our physical needs when we should be focused on our spiritual ones. Look at Solomon. He could have asked for anything and God would have given it to Him, but He asked for wisdom and ended up with it all.

In Luke 12:22-23 (TPT), Jesus says, “Listen to me. Never let anxiety enter your hearts. Never worry about any of your needs, such as food or clothing. For your life is infinitely more than just food or the clothing you wear.” Verse 30-31, “People everywhere seem to worry about making a living, but your heavenly Father knows your every need and will take care of you. Each and every day he will supply your needs as you seek his kingdom passionately, above all else.”

Let’s be passionate God seekers. Not for what He can do for us, but for what we can do for Him.  Let’s know all about Him intimately, spending time in His presence so that when we go into the world, we reflect the light in us.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

A Friday Song


[ The Majesty of God ] A Friday song, composed by King David after being resettled in the land. Look! Yahweh now reigns as King! He has covered himself with majesty and strength, wearing them as his splendor-garments. Regal power surrounds him as he sits securely on his throne. He’s in charge of it all, the entire world, and he knows what he’s doing! Psalm 93:1 TPT

Oh my! What an awesome and mighty God we serve! We made it to another Friday and I love that David wrote a song specific to this day. How cool is that? It gives us a chance to give God the glory and majesty He deserves.

He sits securely on His throne! Nobody can impeach Him or push Him off. He’s in charge of the entire world and knows what He’s doing.

What a wonderful reminder. We may not see it all or understand any of it, but God knows what He’s doing. It’s the whole song and rhythm of relationship and trust. Like a child who reaches up for the hand of their daddy as they walk along together. They don’t need to know anything more then the fact they are safe and secure with him.

That’s you, my friend. You’re safe and secure with Daddy God. He’ll never leave you or forsake you. He’s got you in the palm of His hand and kisses all your ouches. Tenderly watching over you each and every day.  Don’t spend another minute worrying about things you can’t do anything to change.

Have a wonderful weekend! Until Next week,

Sandy G

When You Get Your Song


After they were severely beaten, they were thrown into prison and the jailer was commanded to guard them securely.  So the jailer placed them in the innermost cell of the prison and had their feet bound and chained. Paul and Silas, undaunted, prayed in the middle of the night and sang songs of praise to God, while all the other prisoners listened to their worship. Suddenly, a great earthquake shook the foundations of the prison. All at once every prison door flung open and the chains of all the prisoners came loose. Acts 16:23-26 TPT

There are times in life when it seems as though the winds of opposition blow hard and strong around us. Maybe not exactly as the story above, but there was something that occurred to me as I read this story once again. It wasn’t until they sang praises in the middle of their situations that the chains that held them fell off.

They had every right to be upset, hey, they were doing some good stuff in that town. It says they were severely beaten-extremely unjust! But they found their song and not only did it set them free, it set the others free as well.

Whatever you’re up against, find your song! Sing it loud and strong. Ignore the winds, the pain and the circumstances and sing. Sing in the face of your opposition. Sing through your tears of sorrow. Sing to your unpaid bills and your lost children. Sing so loud you can’t hear the voice of the enemy condemn you.

“I sing praises to Your name, Oh Lord. Praises to Your name, Oh Lord. For Your name is great, and greatly to be praised. I sing praises to Your name, Oh Lord. Praises to Your name, Oh Lord. For Your name is great, and greatly to be praised.”

Find your song and find your freedom.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G


Whiners Weary God


“You have wearied the Lord with your words. ‘Wearied him?’ you ask. ‘How have we wearied him?’ You have wearied him by suggesting that the Lord favors evildoers since he does not punish them. You have wearied him by asking, ‘Where is the God of justice?'” Malachi 2:17

As I walked the beach yesterday, I began thinking about Job and his comforters and I wondered, how many times I’ve wearied God? I’m sure it’s more often than I want to admit. I have overanalyzed situations, problem solved my share of problems and criticized my fair share of people.

In my quest to figure out Gods plans, I’ve questioned His ways and methods. That my dear friend is called a lack of wisdom! I seemed to hear Him say, “Where were you when I created the heavens and earth?” What makes me think my opinion matters in the scheme of Gods plans?

I believe that whining is merely a demonstration of our lack of trust in God. It leads to frustration, which is simply a result of our inability to control the outcome of what we’re hoping to accomplish.

When we trust God, we are transferring the care of that thing we’re hoping for onto Him.    It’s understanding that His ways are better, that He sees what we do not. It’s trusting His perspective over our limited one. It’s tossing our hands up in surrender and leaning on His everlasting arms.

Let’s stop whining and wearying God! We know He cannot lie! When He sends His Word, it doesn’t come back to Him until what He said is finished, it’s just a matter of time. The Lord ALWAYS has our best interest in mind. When we trust, we also learn to listen, correct our path and press on.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God or make us believe He is not a good and faithful God. It’s against His nature to be anything else so let’s trust Him.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

Trust the Truth


“As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.” 2 Samuel 22:31

Trust. What is trust? To commit to the care of another with assurance. I’ve heard people say, ‘I trust God!’ but when it doesn’t turn out as they thought, their confidence is shattered.

Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”

Stop trying to figure out the why, what, when and where. Just acknowledge His ability to light up the right path at the right time and rest. Keep your eyes in the Word and your thoughts on His ability to deliver on His promises.

Trust is where the truth of Gods Word speaks louder than the trial we face. When we refuse to allow pain to push the Word from our heart. When we stare death in the eye and laugh because our confidence in God is just that sure. O grave, where is your sting? Death, where is your victory?

Two weeks ago, I watched a friend travel the trust path with his wife. She had been diagnosed with a brain tumor over 10 years ago and they had stood on the Word and trusted God for healing. He came home from church to find his wife in a coma and unresponsive. 3 days later, the doctors removed most of the tumor and told them not to expect any response for 3 weeks.

After surgery as the nurse got her settled, he asked for a few minutes alone with her. He made a remark about how hot she looked with all the tubes coming out of her mouth and she turned and glared at him. 2 nights later, all the tubes were removed and she was following commands. Now at two weeks, she’s walking, talking and eating on her own.

Trust is big with God. The more you intimately know Him and His Word, the deeper your level of trust. My friend intimately knew that. Didn’t mean it wasn’t hard. Didn’t mean he didn’t need people surrounding them with the Word and prayer. But his continued trust in God even when things didn’t go the way they planned, has met the exponential curve of the grace of God on their lives.

Until Tomorrow-Keep Trusting,

Sandy G

It’s a Promise


“Even if the mountains were to crumble and the hills disappear, my heart of steadfast, faithful love will never leave you, and my covenant of peace with you will never be shaken,” says Yahweh, whose love and compassion will never give up on you. Isaiah 54:10 TPT

I was thinking of the many times Walt and I have sat in the same room, doing our own thing, never saying a word to one another. I know he’s there and that brings a sense of safety and security. I know if I need to talk, he’ll talk with me. If I ask him to do something for me, he would gladly do it. We’ve always committed to out giving each other.

It’s the rhythms of life, the knowing each other after almost 44 years of marriage. The fact that when we made a covenant with each other, we meant to keep it whether it was easy or not, whether we felt like it or not. Life hasn’t always been kind to us, but God has!

That’s similar to how my relationship with God is. I know He’s always near, even when He’s not talking. If I call on Him, He answers. If I ask Him things, He shows me things I don’t yet know.  Even when things get hard, He’s there to carry the load with me. It’s partnership. It’s a promise.

2 Corinthians 5:7 says that we walk by faith, not by what we see with our eyes. This keeps us grounded when we feel we’re alone but know He would never leave us or forsake us. It assures us that when we call, He will answer!

God doesn’t keep promises like we keep them. “They don’t deserve it!” isn’t a factor with Him. The blood of His Son removed our sin. It wasn’t temporary, it was permanent. Just like His Word, what He said He will do. When I lay hold of His promises and walk by faith not by sight, it will make it’s way into the sight realm because He promised.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G