The Rewards of Obedience

“If they listen and obey God, they will be blessed with prosperity throughout their lives. All their years will be pleasant.” Job 36:11 NLT

What a wonderful promise to begin the day with. I love that ‘I will be blessed with prosperity’ part. Seriously! Even the ‘All their years will be pleasant’ sounds nice. Why did he have to stick that first part in there?

Seems there’s always an ‘if’ to every promise, isn’t there? Reminds me of times as a child when I’d want to go outside and play, my mom would put an; ‘If you get your chores done’.

The message of the Grace of God seems to give people an out when it comes to obedience. Some think there is nothing they have to do because Jesus did it all. It’s the unconditional Love of God is what comes freely to me. Even salvation comes with, ‘If you believe’.

I don’t HAVE to obey God, I GET to obey God. Those boundaries were set up to show that God is a good God, and that He rewards obedience. Every parent in the world should get that! When children are allowed to do what they want and there are no consequences, well, look around you today.

If I will seek the Lord with all my heart, I’ll find Him. If I call on Him, He will answer me and show me great and mighty things I know not of. If is such a small word but connects the promise to the request. God always rewards obedience.

I love how You care for me, Father. I’m thankful for the times You chastise me for doing wrong, for then it is that I know Your deepest love. I still remember the countless spankings when I was a child, but I also know how much I was loved.

Today I ask for a heart to obey. May pride not keep me from receiving all You have for me. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

Keep Obeying,

Sandy G

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