As The Sun Rises


In the quiet of the morning while waiting for the sun to rise, I sense that You are near. I feel Your presence wash over me and my spirit instantly responds with praise. A song floats up to you before I’m aware of it’s verse. I sing to you in my spirit and then with my understanding. Mere words are insignificant, but they’re all I have to offer.

Oh God, my God, how excellent is Your name in all the earth. My lips may sing of Your goodness, but it’s my heart that swells with knowing You. My heart beats and the blood courses through my body. It carries everything I need to live, but it’s You who carries everything my spirit needs to live and love.

I am the work of Your hands, fashioned for worship and fellowship. If I don’t connect with You each morning, I wander through my day like a nomad, finding no place to land or call my home. I become irritated, searching for satisfaction in things that bring no satisfaction at all. But You are my home. You are my place of refuge. You satisfy the deep longing of my soul and it is in You that I live, move and have my being.

Today, I will not leave You in my quiet place, I will take You with me and share my day with You. Today, I will look upon Your face in adoration and wonder at all You have done and continue to do for, in and through me. Every step I take is ordered by You even when it makes no sense to my intellect. You are more than that to me.

True trust transcends mere human understanding and refuses to let go of promises given, even if they were given years ago. You are faithful who has promised. Abraham understood this and You blessed Him beyond his wildest imagination. I will not forget Your faithfulness. I will remember You are a God of Your Word. Thank You Lord!


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