So Go


So he came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me.  So go and make followers of all people in the world. Baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Teach them to obey everything that I have told you to do. You can be sure that I will be with you always. I will continue with you until the end of time.”Matthew 28:18-20

But Jesus, what you’re asking me to do is hard! I’m not comfortable with that! I work all day and I’m not allowed to do this at work. This might have been easier in your day, but in my day, I could lose my job, get kicked out of the mall, get arrested……..oh wait, all those things happened in your day, didn’t they!

This wasn’t a choice Jesus gave them before He left the earth, it was a mandate. He took back all the authority in the earth that satan had stolen from Adam and Eve, then as a parting gift, gave it to us through His Holy Spirit. He left us fully equipped and ready to go. But it seems our get up and go, got up and went. We’ve lost our passion for souls, our desire to share Jesus, to be an expression of love and forgiveness. We’re so caught up in our dreams and agendas that we forgot the ‘so go’.

He’s not asking you to do anything He didn’t do. He gave up everything so we would know His love, forgiveness, grace and mercy, not to hoard it, but to share it with others. It’s time to allow more of Jesus to shine through us. It’s time to ask God for opportunities in our communities to be light in a dark place. To convince others of this love.

May I add one more thing? You cannot convince someone else of something you’re not convinced of yourself. Do you know Jesus? Do you know Him personally? Do you commune with Him daily? Have you read His story? If not, educate yourself on who He is and what He’s done. You’ll discover a life worth living is a life worth giving.

Father, give me the courage to go and do what You said for me to go and do. I can’t do it alone, but You said You would be with me always, even to the ends of the earth. Help me to look for those in need of You. The lost, the hopeless, the sick, the hurting, the addicted and the poor. This love You have for me, is easily demonstrated out of my time with You. Fill me full so that I have to give. I tune into Your voice and hear Your words, “So go”! It’s for the glory of Your son Jesus, Amen.

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