Lord You’re Faithful


In the same way, My words leave my mouth, and they don’t come back without results.
My words make the things happen that I want to happen. They succeed in doing what I send them to do. Isaiah 55:11 ERV

A while back, I kept hearing the words, “I have put a seed inside of you, it’s time to give birth.” All of the sudden, the Spirit of the Lord came on me and I had to get up. There was a deep stirring inside of me, just as a woman who knows her time is near to deliver cannot sleep in anticipation of giving birth. Then the Lord spoke these words to me: “Speak, daughter, speak! Speak what you hear in your spirit for surely the time has come when the seed of my Word will bear much fruit.”

So I speak to dead, dry bones, LIVE! Hopelessness, lift up your eyes, your help has arrived. Sick & diseased bodies, rise and be healed as you read this word. Finances, turn around, life has arrived. Jobs, come to the unemployed! This is for those who have hung on until their fingers feel like they’re going to drop off. Take a deep breath child of God and push-it-out! You shall have whatsoever you say. God is a good God, you should know it by now!

Father, let faith arise today in the hearts of Your people. May they know that You are a God of Your word. May they trust in You and Your unchanging word. Each time a contrary word rises up in them, may they put it down and surrender to your will and ways. I ask today that You reveal Yourself as provider. Reveal Yourself as Healer. Reveal Yourself as all Sufficient one. It’s in Jesus name and for Your glory, Amen.

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