You Always Have Access

I took a vacation once and kept going back and forth on taking my laptop or just my tablet. I’d done my blog on my tablet before so I didn’t see an issue. Finally I made the decision–it would be my tablet for mere space alone. We stopped at a hotel and while my friend was still sleeping, I got up, went down to grab a cup of coffee and I bumped my tablet with my hand and it landed face down on the tile floor. As I lifted it up, I saw the glass was shattered. I was so disappointed I couldn’t unlock my screen to read the Word.

I was about to put everything away and head back to the room when I heard, “The Word is near you, in your heart and in your mouth.” (Romans 10:8)

The powerful, living Word, is alive and working in me. That, my friend, is like a treasure, a savings account for an ultimate pay-out. Each time I access that Word, it provides the very thing needed at that moment.

Wow! Think about it. I access healing by the Word, “He sent forth His Word and healed them and delivered them of all their diseases.” Thank you Lord for healing in my body. There is NOTHING you’re incapable of healing! Your Word has already done it. Woot woot!

So today, dive deep into the river of God and partake of the Kingdom of God that’s n you. Live like the king He created you to be.

Sandy G

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