The Struggle Is Real

Why is it that we struggle when asked to do something out of the norm? Wonder how Hosea felt when God told him to marry a prostitute, or how Peter felt when Jesus said to go catch a fish with a coin in its mouth. What? Who does that?

How about when Jesus said go into all the world and preach? He couldn’t have been talking to me, right? How about this one; Noah, building an ark when it had never rained. Laughable! Just sayin! Abraham to sacrifice his son? What kind of God asks that?

What is it God has asked of you? Class, class, anyone? Our response to the abstract or absurd things God asks us to do is not to embarass or humble us, it’s simply to show the world He is God. He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

So next time you see someone doing something out of the norm, check this out, God requires obedience for us to see the miraculous at work in our lives. I just won’t argue reason anymore. If God tells me to something weird, I can guaran-dog-tee ya I’m doin it! If getting there requires me to grow wings and fly, start looking for feathers on my arms.

Sandy G

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