Keep On Asking

I’ve always loved the story in Luke 18:1-8 about the widow woman and the unjust judge. At the very beginning it explains the reason for the story. It was to teach us our need for constant prayer and to never give up.

It seems to be a continuation of the teaching to keep on knocking and the door will be opened. We just don’t pray long enough. We pray a few times and when it doesn’t show up we use the lame excuse, “Well, perhaps it just wasn’t Gods will.”

What ever happened to keep on seeking, keep on asking, keep on knocking? We’ve turned into a bunch of spoiled, microwave Christians. If we can’t get it in 3 minutes or less, we move on to something else. I’ve been asking for something for years now and I have the assurance that if I don’t become weary and stop, I WILL GET WHAT I PRAY FOR!

Not yet doesn’t mean never. Keep serving, keep giving, keep living, keep praying. Jesus never quit! Death wasn’t even the final blow because He had already said He’d rise in 3 days. Stop speaking defeat, start speaking end result. It’s time to ask God to breathe life back into dreams. Unanswered prayers is not denial, it’s just delayed, keep asking!

Father, You are faithful. You hear us. You love us and because You do, what we ask according to Your Word, You will give us. Teach us to trust You even more than we do today. We love You!

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