I love this phrase in I Peter 1:2, “May you have more and more of God’s special favor and wonderful peace..”

I saw in my notes that I wrote this definition of peace: perfect well being, freedom from all fear, perfect healing, nothing missing or broken. I don’t know about you, but I could use some of that today.

No wonder when Jesus spoke to the storm, ‘Peace, be still!’ everything calmed down and came into order. Nothing missing or broken.

In the name of Jesus, I speak peace to you my friends. Not peace as you’ve known it in brief spurts here and there, but Gods pure and perfect peace. The everything you need kind of peace.

As the waves of life threaten to overturn your boat, PEACE! As the stress and pressures of home push you close to the edge, PEACE! Whatever you face in life that is shaking your world, PEACE. Come on now, speak it with me outloud, right where you are and watch everything you need fall neatly into its place. PEACE!

Thank you Father for Your own special brand of peace. I walk in that today! I don’t understand it, but I need it. I can’t see it but I feel it. Forcing its way from the inside out, I walk in it everywhere I go, I bring the peace of God with me.

Sandy G

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