Save Our Children

Jesus, however, called the children to himself and said, “Let the children come to me and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16 NABRE

There are occasions where I just ask God questions. Questions I don’t really want to ask anyone else for fear that I’d sound foolish. But definitely questions that I would ask my Father.

So my question was, why do people think it’s not an issue to get an abortion? How has it been damaging to your Kingdom and the plans you have on the earth?

I can’t say I heard an answer right away, but I was forwarded a video that I watched where they were addressing some documents that had been reworded by using the term birth person instead of mother.

The person who made the video was talking about how men protect women not because they are weak, but because they carry a womb that populates the earth. It was a very moving statement that triggered a conversation with God.

We all know the plan of the enemy is to steal, to kill and to destroy. What I think some of us struggle with is the fact that people are so easily deceived into believing that it is their right to destroy another life. I know I do! Who are we to make that decision. Regardless of the way a child comes into the world, God has plans for that life.

So I began to see God’s plan unfold before my eyes and the role the enemy plays in destroying that plan. I thought of this and the death of thousands of babies that have been needlessly killed because of selfishness or deception.

Then I was told of this preschool in Texas where a couple of young men went in and killed all of these children and even some of the teachers. My heart was so grieved. And the Lord took me back to the question I had about abortion. He began to unfold before me why it grieves His heart as well. Why Jesus honored the little ones and loved them.

Do you see how important it is for the enemy to kill our children? At any age! He is stealing the plan of God for their lives. He’s taking away our future generation. This is a plan that goes so deep and so far in our history. It’s gone on for centuries and we have been so blinded to it.

He’s also stealing our children’s identity. Women who hold within their womb great leaders and history makers, men and women who hold the hope and promise of the future of our world, deceived into thinking that they are nothing. A binary creature. Where women wish to be men and men wish to be women. Our Adams and our Eves.

I’m not so concerned about losing readers, I’m more concerned about losing valuable people with their purpose threatened. Those who would love the Lord with their whole heart. The children who have been persuaded to believe a lie and there are no Spirit-filled believers who will intercede and fill that gap.

Father, Open the Eyes of the blind. Cause them to see what they have missed and where they have missed it. It has always been about your plans and your kingdom. May we not become so self-focused that we miss that.

Those intercessors who have become so discouraged and disillusioned and have lost Hope and Faith, cuz hope to once again rise in their hearts. You are the God who sees and you are the God who hears. May your kingdom come and your will be done here on this Earth as it is in heaven. May there be nothing missing or broken in the hearts of our children. I call them back to God! I call them back to their purpose!

I will continue to trust You Father for what You began, you will indeed finish.

Sandy G

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