Are You Being Devoured?

You love to distort, devour, and deceive, using your sly tongue to spin the truth. Psalm 52:4 TPT

I don’t know who you are or what’s happening to you but let me just say this; the devil is on the prowl, trying to devour your hope, your promise, your faith in God and even your victory.

I’ve heard some pretty scary, crazy stories from friends and friends of friends that are facing crisis after crisis after crisis. We’re living in a time where the enemy isn’t choosy, but if you have a prayer life and know your authority, he’s after you big time!

Don’t allow his voice to speak louder than Gods. Pull out the stone God gave you. That’s right. Now put it in the sling and begin to swing it round and round. Take aim. Release! Now see your enemy on the ground under your feet, his head in hand, defeated. Hang on my friend. Help is on the way.

Jesus gave us the victory over all the power of the enemy so that nothing will hurt you. That’s right, because that’s what Jesus did for you. Don’t walk with your head down, focused on your feet. Lift up your eyes. Help is on the way. Jesus! By your side, hand in yours.

Father, in the name of Jesus and by His shed blood, we come against the schemes of the enemy to try to take our children, our grandchildren, our family, our finances and our hope. We come against every taunting spirit that would try to lift its ugly head against your sons and daughters. We ask that at this very moment, breakthrough would be come and you would quickly spring the traps the enemy has tried to spring on your children.

Let hope arise once more in the hearts of Your own. May discouragement be banished right now! In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus. Amen!


Sandy G

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