Freshly Squeezed

God, you are my righteousness, my Champion Defender. Answer me when I cry for help! Whenever I was in distress, you enlarged me. I’m being squeezed again—I need your kindness right away! Grant me your grace, hear my prayer, and set me free! Psalm 4:1 TPT

Ever feel squeezed? You know, like an orange when you get the juice out, it must be squeezed. Well, when we ask God to make us more like him, seems like everything that stands in our way of accomplishing that goal gets squeezed out of us.

The process to rid us of pride will expose some very ugly areas. How we deal with that process is detrimental to taking on the nature of Christ.

I like how Francis Frangipane says it: “But before God can truly use us, in one way or another we will pass through a time of threshing.”

Have you ever watched the ancient art of threshing? Google it. The hull must be removed for the wheat to be used. Our hard exterior must be removed so that the good part of us is exposed and that is the part He can use.

Father, remove all of the pride from my life. You have exposed it for me to deal with but not alone. I need you! I humble myself under your mighty hand so that you may get the greatest use of me, your servant. I surrender my name so that I may be one with you.

Yours Alone,

Sandy G

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