More Than Stories

Later his disciples came to him privately to ask him what deeper meaning they could find in this parable. He said, “You have been given a teachable heart to perceive the secret, hidden mysteries of God’s kingdom realm. But to those without a listening heart, my words are merely stories. Even though they have eyes, they are blind to the true meaning of what I say, and even though they listen, they won’t receive full revelation. Luke 8:9‭-‬10 TPT

I’ve always wondered how someone could sit in church their entire lives and not really learn anything at all. It has to do with having a teachable spirit, one that possesses a listening heart. That’s what David had. He sat in the presence of the Lord and talked with Him, but also listened.

Psalm 51:10 records David’s desire, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” That should be our prayer as well. To cultivate our hearts so that we may receive the seed of Your Word and obtain Your hidden mysteries of the kingdom realm. That Your words be more than stories.

Deep within my heart is a longing for more. More of His presence. More time at His feet. Learning, growing, maturing and gaining revelation. It’s only when it becomes so real that nothing can shake you from your firm foundation, that’s when it becomes more than stories.

Sandy G

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