Oily Obedience

Samuel took the horn with the oil in it, and poured the special oil on Jesse’s youngest son in front of his brothers. The Spirit of the LORD came on David with great power from that day on. Then Samuel went back home to Ramah. 1 Samuel 16:13 Easy to Read Version

What happened next? Nothing. He went back to doing what he’d been doing and watching sheep and caring for them and I’m sure he asked God, what now?

What was Samuel thinking? He wasn’t, he was doing. He was merely a messenger doing a duty for God. He released a word, anointed David with oil as the next king of Israel and moved on.

Davids family kept on ignoring him. They kept on harassing him and misreading his motives. But here’s what was happening that nobody saw.

The Word was released and activated. God Himself said His Word is active and powerful, and always accomplishing what it was sent to do. What God declared through Samuel was done the moment it went out of his mouth whether people saw it done or not.

Perhaps you’ve received a prophetic assignment years ago and nothing. Hold on. It’s still working. It may not happen how and when you think it will, but friend, prepare yourself for the assignment in the meantime.

You can’t go wrong sitting in your sheep fold talking to God, getting better acquainted with who He is and what He’s able to do in and through you.

It may not happen how you want but it will happen the way He wants. It’s about being a vessel filled up and poured out however He wants it spilled.

Trusting His Timing,

Sandy G

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