A Glimpse At Your Harvest

Photo by Giuseppe Russo on Pexels.com

You know the soil of your heart is right when you wake up at 4am with a word burning in your spirit. I know the Word is alive and powerful, but seriously? 4am? Couldn’t it have waited to wake me at 5:30 when the alarm went off? Guess the Lord really wanted me to get this.

So I was thinking that being pregnant with promise is like being pregnant with a child. You don’t know the day or the hour, but you know when your time is close. The doctor can give you your ‘estimated due date’ but we ALL know how right doctors can be (dripping with sarcasm). I was 2 weeks overdue and they had to induce me with with my first child, but none-the-less, deliver her I did!

Well, the Lord began to show me the similarities between sowing the Word on good soil and being pregnant with child. Both start with a seed. Both grow unseen. Your chances of conceiving decrease greatly when there is no intercourse or if you’re taking birth control.

Once conceived, so many consider they have a choice to carry or abort. The process of growing is uncomfortable and delivery is very painful, but when you hold the promise in your arms, the rewards will blow you away.

I have so much seed growing in me that I feel I could explode, and sometimes I do. I do it by watching for opportunities to encourage or speak into others. There are times when I’m talking and the Spirit of the Lord comes upon me and I began to prophesy. Perhaps not in the traditional sense, but in the office I’ve been appointed to. That’s what happens when the Word becomes big in each of us, it spill over into the lives of others and begin to allow the Lord to speak through you.

Where are you in the sowing and reaping process? Do you daily have intimate intercourse with the Lord, speaking of His goodness, grace and love? Have you prepared yourself for the oil He longs to pour into you so that you may be full to overflow into the world? Or do you keep Him at arms length, taking your birth control pills so that you don’t go all extreme and appear more like ‘those’ kind of Christians that are fanatical about their walk with the Lord.

Today I challenge you to read Mark 4:14-22 Amplified version yourself and find out what your soil looks like. Be prepared for life to change in a big way. Once you become a seed sower, your harvest will increase big time.

Get a glimpse of harvest,

Sandy G

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