It’s Really Me–I Am.

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Faith doesn’t ignore the storm. It sees through the storm. Pastor Howard Bass

As night fell, the boat was in the middle of the lake and Jesus was alone on land. The wind was against the disciples and he could see that they were straining at the oars, trying to make headway. When it was almost morning, Jesus came to them, walking on the surface of the water, and he started to pass by them. When they all saw him walking on the waves, they thought he was a ghost and screamed out in terror. But he said to them at once, “Don’t yield to fear. Have courage. It’s really me—I Am.” Mark 6:47-50 TPT

This past Sunday, our pastor whose name is listed above, spoke on this passage and there was so much he unwrapped. I won’t even try to get into it, but if you’d like to listen, please feel free to go to to listen.

First thing I observed was that Jesus had directed them to go to the other side of the lake while he went to pray. As soon as they got into the boat in obedience, we find the wind was contrary. These strong fishermen were having a very hard time going where Jesus told them to go. Why? Was it because they were doing something wrong? Was it because their timing was off? No. Absolutely not!

Yet we find the same thing happens so often to us. We hear the Lord give us specific instructions and we do it, but find that every kind of opposition comes against us, causing us to question whether or not we heard from God correctly or not. I’m finding that if I find opposition, chances are I’m heading in the right direction.

Can I just share a personal thought here? I don’t believe life with God was ever designed to be easy. I don’t believe that ‘faith’ is something that once developed is never challenged. It’s pressure that creates trust and gives us flexibility to move. If life was all fluff and stuff, we’d never grow up to figure things out. If the Holy Spirit wasn’t living inside of us, we’d never have access to the wisdom we need to make it through the storm to the other side.

Second thing I see is, that Jesus didn’t ignore the storm, He saw it, but chose to change it by walking on the water and stepping into the boat. He had reasons for doing things the way He did. Remember that He chose the disciples to teach them to be like Him. He showed them another way to do what He said. He taught them how action and words can change things, but He also showed them the destruction fear can cause.

His response to that fear is something I need to remember every I face a scary situation, hear a scary report or find myself in panic mode: “Don’t yield to fear. Have courage. It’s really me—I Am.”

We Can Do This,

Sandy G

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