The Sudden-lies

From the beginning I revealed to you what would happen. These words came out of my mouth, and I made them known. Suddenly, I acted, and they happened. Isa 48:3.

Don’t think that God won’t do what He said He would. It’s only a matter of time before you see it. Distractions and discouragement will come and try to get you to quit but DON’T DO IT! Only those who finish the race receive the prize.

God doesn’t ever go back on His Word. It’s living, powerful and will come to pass. Suddenly!

Suddenly-healing will manifest!

Suddenly-peace will show up!

Suddenly-miracles will happen!

Don’t miss your sudden moment. Stay focused and in agreement with what has been spoken over your life. It’s all in God’s timing, not yours. Keep your head up. Watch and wait for it. God does not disappoint.

Sandy G

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