He’s Calling You

“God never changes his mind when he gives gifts or when he calls someone.” Rm 11:29 Gods Word

I watched a man over the years who had a call on his life but would not yield to the call. I asked him, “Why are you running from your call, Jonah? Did you not read your own story? You do know he got swallowed by a whale, right?”

I’m not sure he ever answered the call of God but I know this, God is not the one responsible to make things happen in your life until you are willing to obey that call. The prophet Samuel was a mere boy when He heard the voice of God. He finally said, ‘Speak Lord, your servant is listening!” Look how God used him to speak to kings.

Gods gift or call on your life is waiting for your answer. You don’t have to finish school or be perfect, God will perfect the thing in your life He has need of. If Jesus would come back tomorrow, would He find faith in the earth?

You never know what your words will do if you simply yield to that call.

Sandy G

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