What’s In It For Me?

The covenant that I have made with you, you shall not forget; you shall not fear other gods. 2 Kings 17:38 AMP

We don’t talk a lot about covenants in our day and age, but a covenant is an agreement between two people or people groups. It was designed to eliminate weaknesses between parties who were incapable of doing certain things for themselves.

If my family were farmers and our neighbors were warriors, I would form a covenant with them so that they could provide protection for our crops and we could provide food for their protection. Our family knowing nothing of fighting and theirs knowing nothing of growing food.

That is the simple version of a covenant agreement, but it was a very serious business and anyone who broke the agreement were killed. The old testament is full of covenants, some of them between tribes, some between tribes and God, some were between God and an individual.

My covenant is personalized to me specifically. It’s based on my needs and the future God has in store for me. I think we get in trouble and lose hope because we compare ours with someone else’s. We can’t do that. If we do, it effects our hope, our destiny, and our future.

It’s like trying to make your husband be more like you. He’s not you and never will be. When you learn to appreciate the differences, your life and his will be satisfying and pleasing. Where he is weak, I offer strength. Where I am weak, he becomes my strength.

I’m confident in my covenant. I can’t walk in what I don’t have intimate relationship with. If it’s mine, no one can talk me out of it. I can’t push my knowledge and revelation on you, it has to be yours, possessed with all that’s in you.

Tune in tomorrow for more on this subject.

Sandy G

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