While I Live

While I live I will praise the Lord; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being. Psalm 146:2

You have always been good to me, oh God, how can I not praise Your name? How can I keep my lips from declaring Your promises? Will I only speak the things I see? The world does this and gets nowhere, but I am your child and I will speak as You do.

Today is a day of victory! Today is a day of promises fulfilled! Today I will rejoice as You rejoice over me. Every Word You have spoken over me will come to pass, for You are God. Your Word is alive, powerful, sharper than any two edged sword. It will never return to You empty, it will accomplish the things You’ve sent it out to do.

My future is God made, not man made. You have special plans for me and so I rejoice. There’s a party planned for me and You’re inviting all of the naysayers to come and see what only You could do. I’m excited, Lord. What shall I wear? Ahhh, I see You have prepared a garment of praise for me, so full of color, light and song. I’m ready! Everyday, I’m ready, for everyday I will praise your name!

Still Praising,

Sandy G

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