It’s Just My Perspective

We’ve all seen it–people who get offended when reading a social media post. It happens to me, often, possibly because I’m more vocal or opinionated than most. But it’s your perspective that draws the conclusions you make. That perspective or how you draw those conclusions, are based on a lot of things; personality, family dynamics, history of past hurts…

No one can know what others have been through or are going through or with what lens they’re reading your posts. Sometimes people get upset about things that weren’t meant the way they read it. It doesn’t make them a bad person for posting it, it means that what you’re going through is painful.

Before you unfriend or unfollow someone, remember that one day, they may be the very one to show you the way out of the hellish hurt you’re in. Yes, definitely unfriend unhealthy friendships! Keep yourself safe in the natural and virtual world. But remember that not everyone agreed with Jesus or how He presented things, and HE was God in the flesh. It would be a perfect world if everyone just got along, believed the same and knew what they meant when they said that, but seriously, if that was true, we’d never need a Savior.

So this is a disclaimer of sorts. I would never intentionally say hurtful things or be insensitive to what you’re going through. I try to write or say what the Holy Spirit leads me to write and say. I’m not perfect! But I do love you and care about where you spend eternity.

I’ve been told I have an odd perspective on things. I’ll take that! At least I don’t get stuck in the rut of wrong or religious thinking. I have conversations with God that if you were privy to them, you’d truly wonder if I need a padded room with a white coat that has extended sleeves. Because of these ‘talks’ with God, my life is forever changed. I’m not a slave to my past because He constantly tells me who I am.

Hands down, He’s the best employer I’ve ever had. I will work for Him until I retire to His throne room, where we’ll continue to have these unusual and wonderful conversations.

If I could have one wish it would be this; that you too would know Him like I know Him. But that, my dear friends, though available, is absolutely up to you. Know that I will always continue to encourage and challenge you toward that relationship, and that I love you and He does too.

May Your Day Be Sweet,

Sandy G

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