The Transfer

You dried up the water that was in the deep sea. You made a road through the deepest parts of the sea. Your people crossed over and were saved. Isaiah 51:10

When I looked up the word ‘crossover’, I found a couple things; 1. A place where a crossing is made; 2. (railways) a point of transfer between two main lines. As I read that 2nd definition, I felt the Holy Spirit trying to show me something. God took the children of Israel through the Red Sea from slavery and bondage, to freedom and promise. It was a point of transfer from old, to new.

Today, I believe God is telling us it’s time to cross over from old to new. To pass from ‘not enough’ to ‘more than enough’. It’s transfer time. It’s time to pick back up the promises we’ve been given and run with them. No more waiting! No more anticipating! That means believing that when we reach an impossible river, God is able to make a way across it.

He said that when we call on Him He would answer us and show us great and mighty things. We must believe, not in our ability to build a bridge, but in Gods ability to take us to the other side. We’ve been self-reliant for far too long. We simply don’t believe that God is able to do what He did thousands of years ago, but He is! If He can find just one person who is willing to believe, He will show up to show off His mighty power.

This month, let’s make it a crossover kind of month. Let’s believe God is God, that He never changes. Let’s believe He is well able to do though us, the signs, wonders and miracles He did through Jesus. Let’s believe that the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us. Let’s make it a month where the transfer of power doesn’t happen in our nation, but happens in us.

Father, we your people give you reverence. We humbly ask that you transfer the wealth of the wicked to the hands of the just. We ask that through our hands would flow mighty, miracles. Not through just our pastors, but through your people. May we stand on the bridge, Jesus Christ, and be his body in the earth. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Use Me Lord,

Sandy G

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