Today’s Goal

I found these 3 great goals to have today and thought I’d share them with you all. They are found in Romans 12:12 ERV; Be happy because of the hope you have. Be patient when you have troubles. Pray all the time.

  1. Be happy! Why, because of the hope we have in Christ Jesus.
  2. Be patient! Troubles will come, but they will also go.
  3. Pray all the time. I call it talking to Jesus, cause when you do, He will show you what to do.

There you have it. Let’s get happy, because the hope we possess is a sure thing. It’s because of His grace and mercy that we are alive, forgiven and prosperous. It’s not because of what we do but what He did. What a wonderful Savior we have. We didn’t deserve it or earn it, but he completely wiped our slate clean and said, “Rest in me, I’m giving you a future and a hope!” Praise God!

You may be looking at a pile of bills, a shut off notice, a repossession note or a negative balance in your bank account. Let me just tell you, wait on the Lord. When you just set all that aside and get into His presence, those things will look so small in comparison. Today things may be scarce, but tomorrow is payday! Today the refrigerator may be empty but tomorrow, it will be full. He is faithful in ALL his ways.

Why does it say to pray all the time? Because when you’re praying, you’re not worrying. When you’re praying for others, you’re not focused on yourself. When you make a list of the needs of others and pray continually for others, you’ll find your own situation changing. He never said pray for yourself, he said pray one for another. Right praying gets quick response.

Father, with great joy I come to you, knowing that you hear me, knowing you see me, knowing that you answer prayer. I bring before you each of my brothers and sisters that are reading this right now. You know their needs. I speak peace to every storm and that you will manifest to them fulfillment today. Show them your glory. I speak healing and provision to each family who has cried out to you for help. You are the God of MORE than enough, not just enough. You said you would prosper them as their soul prospers. As they draw near to you today, fill them to overflow with your joy. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Choosing hope,

Sandy G

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