A Reminder to Get Squeaky

“In a certain town there was a judge, a thick-skinned and godless man who had no fear of others’ opinions.  And in the same town there was a poor widow who kept pleading with the judge, ‘Grant me justice and protect me from my oppressor!’

“He ignored her pleas for quite some time, but she kept asking. Eventually he said to himself, ‘This widow keeps annoying me, demanding her rights, and I’m tired of listening to her. Even though I’m not a religious man, and I don’t care about the opinions of others, I’ll get her off my back by answering her claims for justice and I’ll rule in her favor. Then she’ll leave me alone.’ ”

Jesus continued, “Did you hear what the godless judge said—that he would answer her persistent request?  Don’t you know that God, the true judge, will grant justice to all his chosen ones who cry out to him night and day? He will pour out his Spirit upon them. He will not delay to answer you and give you what you ask for.  God will give swift justice to those who don’t give up. So be ever praying, ever expecting, in the same way as the widow. Even so, when the Son of Man comes back, will he find this kind of undying faith on earth?”

It’s in times like these that we must remind God of His covenant promises to us. It’s not that He’s forgotten them, it’s that we must keep them ever before our eyes and in our hearts. You can’t trust who you don’t know and you can’t know what you’ve not read. His covenant promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were passed on down to us through the blood of Jesus.

It amazes me how many people don’t know the Word. They’re unfamiliar with God as Father, Provider, Deliverer, Protector and Healer. They got saved from sin and they’re on their way to heaven, beyond that, they haven’t got a clue. They’re afraid of everything and have not placed their trust in God. They’d rather trust in the bank, the government or a vaccine than to place complete trust in their covenant.

I will constantly keep reminding God of what He’s promised me. I know He hasn’t forgotten me, but I need to remind myself and build my faith and that’s what reminding does. What is it you need to remind God of? What do you need to remind yourself of? Are you going to focus on the problems you face or what the Word says about those problems.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. I have to speak it. I continually go before Him, reminding Him of His promises to me. You’ve heard the old saying, ‘The squeaky wheel gets the grease?’ Well, start squeaking! Gods standing with his big ole can of WD-40 just waiting to spray you down with blessings. Today is your day!

Because He Said it!

Sandy G

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