Let’s Violently Possess Our Promise

I normally don’t post other people’s posts on my blog, but as I read this from 2018, I realized I wasn’t the only person who needs the reminder. I hope it encourages you as much as it did me.


Lana Vawser

Today I have had a strong sense of this prophetic word for many in the body of Christ who have been facing intense battle right now.

The enemy may have come against you violently and there is such a violent attack of discouragement, despair and other things to move you AWAY from the promises of God for your life.

I saw many who have become “heartsick” and really feeling like the battle over the promises God has spoken to them in this season has ramped up, but I want to encourage you today.

The enemy has come against you violently to attempt to shake your faith, cause you to doubt and let go of your promise, because of the RADICAL recompense and explosive power of God that is meeting your circumstances, landing on the promise He has given you to bring great and significant breakthrough.

Many have been feeling like there’s something significantly wrong because of the intense battle over the promise, but I want to encourage you, the battle has come, because of the imminent breakthrough.

You must hold on, hold on tight to His promises and don’t let go.

I heard the words “This week, violently grab hold of the promises of God”.

There is something very significant for many of you this week and it’s crucial that you violently decree the Word of God. Grab hold with authority and conviction what is yours, what He has spoken and what is yours in Christ. I felt strongly this week to take a stand and decree and don’t let go. There is a shift coming for many this week that will bring significant breakthrough and turnaround and the enemy will be reminded again that he is defeated and the power of God in that will break through into your circumstances releasing the divine turnaround, recompense, justice and breakthrough of God will make the enemy sorry he ever came against you. There is significant increase and turnaround this week, but go after what is yours! Don’t allow the attacks of the enemy, the discouragement and despair to sway you from the promises of God. Go after them! Pick them up again if you’ve laid them down and go after what is yours.

The time is now & significant shift, turnaround and breakthrough await you. Don’t believe the lie the enemy is trying to tell you that it is about to get ‘dark’ again. Many of you need to hear this..

THE NIGHT IS OVER and the SON is rising on your circumstances!!! Jesus is interceding for you and you are going to see a significant shift. The SUN of a new day, hope, grace and turnaround is imminent!

Watch things come into accelerated alignment this week!!

Don’t give up!

Sandy G

3 thoughts on “Let’s Violently Possess Our Promise

  1. Homer Les says:

    Love Lana’s words as they come from the Father. We have seen Him encourage us through Lana many times.

    We want to encourage you too. As ones who have faced the fierce heat of the trials and have been resting for some time we too thought the promises of God were not coming to pass. Recently things have been heating up as Lana so prophesied. The intensity of battle at this motel where we live has sometimes been overwhelming but we are seeing victory. God IS moving and if we stay in faith He will bring about the full major victory we need. He will break through the wall and lead us specifically into His promises. It must be this way so that no man can take credit for what God is about to do. For our part we must simply remain steadfast in uncompromising faith.

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    • I have missed hearing from you! Blessings on you and your family as you stay steadfastly focused on His promises. My husband just fell again and broke his back again. We’re looking at surgery the beginning or next week. We would covet your prayers.

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      • Homer Les says:

        Oh my Sandy! Certainly we will pray.

        Sorry we have been quiet but it has been such a difficult year with all sorts of oppression here at the motel. But thankfully God has been moving and providing and we are doing much better. We believe God will be delivering on His promises soon and look forward to sharing at how God does this!

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