When The Wait Seems Long


Though all your wanderings wearied you, you never said, ‘I give up.’ Your strength was renewed so that you did not faint. Isaiah 57:10 TPT

I lay in bed for an extra couple hours this morning. Walt was resting in his chair after taking another tumble yesterday, pinching a nerve in his back. I was looking out the back slider we had just installed in the new master, watching the branches sway in the gentle breeze. A blue jay flew onto a branch and flittered from leaf to leaf, so beautiful.

As I enjoyed this scene, I began to think on how long it had been since I’d allowed myself to just lay in bed, let alone enjoy such a view. It was necessary. I felt like this year has been longer than any other year we’ve gone through. Oh, we’ve endured trouble before. But this seemed relentless. Like every time we get a break, something comes along and tries to knock us down again.

When my eyes landed on this verse, I felt like it was written just for me. I’ve wanted to say, ‘I give up!’ so many times, but I’m no quitter.  Sometimes it just takes a little talk with Jesus to renew my strength. So when He stopped by this morning, I heard Him sweetly whisper, “Child, I know it seems like a long time, but I’ve not forgot the promises I made to you. It won’t be long and you’ll see everything I said, come to pass.”

Those words were like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. It blew strength into every fiber of my being, revitalizing my energy to carry on one more day. The wait may seem long, but if you’ll just allow the sweet voice of the Spirit to strengthen you, you too can make it.

I pray for each one of you as you face your own personal battle today. May the angel of the Lord encamp around you, strengthen you and give you peace. May you feel His light shine on you and warm you with the assurance that everything will happen in His time.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

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