Fireworks of Worship


Let all the universe praise him! The high heavens and everyone on earth, praise him! Let the oceans deep, with everything in them, keep it up!
Psalms 69:34 TPT

The mountains are dwarfed when You, oh Lord stand; the oceans though deep to us become wading pools for Your feet. There is no one who can compare to to Your greatness. You alone are holy.

So tender hearted, You have stored my tears in a bottle and always bend your ear to hear my love song. I quiver with longing for the touch of Your hand. My worship will fill the air with singing and Your response will be life changing.

Your presence washes over me like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. I will know the beauty of Your holiness & the reward of obedience. I honor You with my worship today, Father. May it bring joy to your ears and a smile on your lips.

Always Yours

Sandy G

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