Our Great God


Is there anyone greater then God? Anything that compares to His power? Can any problem stand up against His ability? After witnessing the parting of the Red Sea and the destruction of Pharaohs armies, Moses and the people sang this from Exodus 15:

“The Lord is my strength and song. He is the One Who saves me. He is my God and I will praise Him. He is my father’s God and I will honor Him. The Lord is a fighter. The Lord is His name.”

In my wildest dreams, I could never imagine how they felt after such a great rescue by God himself. Walking through the Red Sea after God had caused a great wind to blow and create walls of water on each side and the floor to dry out so they could walk through. But it only took one person to complain and soon a storm of voices rose up.

How quickly they forgot and began to grumble and complain. No water! No food! I think we’ve all done this. Watched as God delivered us in our time of greatest need, our desperate cry for help. We rejoiced when He answered, then we turned on Him and became self indulged with pleasures. We stopped going to church, stopped fellowshipping with Him because the need wasn’t great anymore. 

We become appalled when the check bounces or God doesn’t do what we ask 24/7. We feel His blessings should continue even when we do nothing at all for Him. That is the very definition of entitlement right there. It’s a wonder the earth doesn’t open and swallow us up. Self centered to the core!

Can I worship him at home? Yes! and I do! But its no excuse to stay out of the house of the Lord, worshipping with one another, hearing a ‘now’ word. It’s no excuse to not be involved in ministry to others because the drive is too long or we don’t feel like it. The moment you stop, someone goes without what is in you to give.

I never want to miss that, God. I never want to be apart from You because of money, hurt or loss, because You alone can bring it all back. You continually fill my heart with life and the full measure of Love has been poured out on me. I’m so thankful that each time I draw a breath, it’s a miracle. I will never become so self absorbed that I forget my life is not my own. I’ve been purchase with the blood of Your dear son, Jesus.

Forever Grateful,

Sandy G

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