Peace Be With You


Peace be with you, do not be afraid. Your God and the God of your father has given you treasure in your sacks. Genesis 42:23

As I sit thinking of all the financial turmoil around the world, people affected by this quarantine, no work, offices closing or closed, the money they had saved dwindling to zero. I was tempted to become overwhelmed and stressed just like everyone else is when suddenly, I remembered this verse and heard the Lord say these words;

“Peace to you! I have placed treasure in your sacks! Trust in me and my provision for you. Many of you planted in the time of famine instead of eating your seed. You planted in good soil and it’s producing now. The return on your investment is greater than you could ever see coming. Your future is secure. Look and see, for I have placed treasure before you and it will not only sustain you in this time of need, but others will be blessed by your harvest.”

I might be the only one who needed to hear those words, but I’m a sower, so I’m just going to sow them into your lives as well. If you need it, receive it. If you don’t, pass it on and share it with others.

Isn’t that the coolest thing to hear when your accounting says the opposite? It’s almost like He’s saying, “Relax! Don’t stress out over things you can’t control. Leave it my capable hands and I’ll take care of this one for you.”

Remember when the disciples were stressing about the taxes because they needed to be paid? Jesus sent Peter to catch a fish….with a coin in it’s mouth… pay the taxes with! Don’t get all logical on me now!

If Jesus could call a fish to pay taxes, and God can have Joseph place treasure in sacks to care for his distant relatives, is He not able to supply for you as well? Take all that worry, anxiety and focus and place it on the knowledge of who God is and what He’s able to do in your time of need. Take that tiny seed of faith and plant it where it’s better served.

I’m trusting You, Father. I will lay down the load I carry and exalt Your great name. You are more than able to keep what I’ve committed to You. I place my hand in Your hand and I ask You will open the eyes of my brothers and sisters around the world. May they see You in ways they’ve never seen before. Stir up people around the world to look to You once again and restore unto us the joy of our Salvation. It’s all for Your glory! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Until Tomorrow-keep Trusting,

Sandy G

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