How’s Your Vision?


I hadn’t had an eye exam in 4 years and knew I needed to get my prescription updated. Besides, my lenses had a couple scratches in them and it bugged me once in a while. I made an appointment with the same eye doctor Walt sees. I’ve accompanied him many times and I just really like the doctors and the staff.

The day of the appointment, I was ushered back to a tiny room where a young man began to use a new machine to take pictures of my eyeball. It was so cool! He showed me the picture and I kept thinking, God made that! WOW!

Then I went to another room where they did the familiar, ‘look through this and read whichever line you can.’ I rattled off the 5th line down and he was impressed. We did the other eye and then the doctor came in, took a look and said, “I can make a small change in your prescription to bring you up to 20/20. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing because your eyes look great!”

I’ve been a bit busy over the past month so I haven’t filled the prescription yet, but I’ve been thinking about what he said, “Keep doing what you’re doing, your eyes look great.” I was wondering how my spiritual eyes look? Are there scratches on my lenses or is it something deeper? Perhaps I’ve lost my ability to focus.

Whatever it is, open my eyes that I may see clearly. Give me eyes that see how You see, Father. When I look at people around me, may I see their hearts and not their actions. May I respond in Love so that hope may rise up inside of them. May they have revelation of You, to know You in all Your fullness and Glory. It’s in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G


One thought on “How’s Your Vision?

  1. Precious One says:

    Amen and amen! So thankful your eyes are working well…in both areas 🤗

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