You Can Do This!


Lord Yahweh, you are my glorious God! I will exalt you and praise your name forever, for you have done so many wonderful things. Well-thought-out plans you formed in ages past; you’ve been faithful and true to fulfill them all! Isaiah 25:1 TPT

I sense in my spirit that someone has been in a tug-of-war over promises spoken over their lives. You have been contending one moment and singing praises the next. The sword of the Lord (His Word) is in one hand and in the other you’ve lifted the shield of faith. Fiery darts are being slung by the wicked one and when your arm grows weary, you’ve felt a great surge of strength go through you as others speak words of encouragement to you and over you.

The Word of the Lord to you today is that your future is already established. God is in the process of putting every detail in place so that promises spoken over you will come to pass in rapid succession.

Don’t be discouraged when it doesn’t happen as quickly as you think it should. Remember this; it took a long time for God to convince you to go there and do this and there are multiple others involved in this process. Start trusting God and rest in His ability to move others as He did you. If they refuse, He will raise up another. It shall come to pass, says the Lord!

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

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