The ‘But’ That Changes Everything


Look how the wicked conceive their evil schemes.
They go into labor with their lies and give birth to trouble.
They dig a pit for others to fall into,
not knowing that they will be the very ones
who will fall into their own pit of failure.
For you, God, will see to it that every pit-digger
who works to trap and harm others
will be trapped and harmed by his own treachery.
But I will give all my thanks to you, Lord,
for you make everything right in the end.
I will sing my highest praise to the God of the Highest Place! Psalm 7:14-17 TPT

Have you ever been acquainted with a pit-digger? David was. His whole life was filled with stories of opposition on every side. His own father excluded him from the ‘Samuel Gathering’, his brother opposed him from going up against Goliath, Saul opposed him, Absalom, his own son opposed him and turned the people against him.

Regardless of what came against him in his life, his mouth was filled with praise to God. We need to learn a lesson from David and his ‘but’. It’s ok to take your complaints to the Lord, just don’t forget the ‘but’.

But I will give all my thanks to you, Lord, for you make everything right in the end.

His ‘but’ took the attention off the problem and placed praise back on God. It became the shift in his focus, the catalyst of turn-about, the refreshing reminder that God is bigger than anything that could come against him or attempt to destroy him.

Your ‘but’ can change everything for you today. Don’t leave your complaints in an elevated position. Let God be God and every man a liar!

But my God will supply all my needs according to HIS riches in glory.

But my God will deliver me from every trap the enemy has set for me.

But my God gives me joy unspeakable!

But my God will watch over my children and bless them.

Go ahead and create your own ‘but’ based on your own situation and give Him all your praise today.

I’m excited to see what your ‘but’ does today!

Much Love,

Sandy G

One thought on “The ‘But’ That Changes Everything

  1. Preciousone says:

    I love David and his “buts” ☺️


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