Proclaim Grace


“Who are you, ·big [mighty; great] mountain? ·In front of [Compared with] Zerubbabel you will become ·flat land [a level plain], and he will bring out the ·topmost stone [capstone], ·shouting [or amid shouting], ‘·It’s beautiful! It’s beautiful [or Blessings, Blessings upon it; L Grace, Grace to it]!’” Zechariah 4:7 EXB

This word Grace is simply the undeserved, unmerited favor of God. Just as His love is unconditional, His Grace or favor is also undeserved. When we proclaim Grace over an unmovable obstacle in our life, we’re actually allowing God to ‘handle it’ for us. We may have created the mess and we certainly don’t deserve His favor on it, and yet He’s both willing and able to make that mountain a flat plain.

It’s not our job to fix what we cannot. It’s not our job to live a life of regrets. It’s our job to proclaim His Word over every situation we face because in our weakness, He is the strongest.

The battle isn’t ours, it’s Gods. Our weapons are not carnal or of this earth, but they are mighty in God to pull down strongholds. So if today you find yourself standing before a mountain of debt, a mountain of pain, a mountain of discouragement, a mountain of depression or whatever you face, speak Grace to it. Not just once but repeatedly.

I speak Grace, Grace over my children and grandchildren! I speak Grace, Grace over my marriage! I speak Grace, Grace over my health! I speak Grace, Grace over my debt! In the name of Jesus whose grace is sufficient and who is well able to keep what I’ve committed to Him, I declare Your abundant Grace over my friends today. Amen!

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