No See-No Get


I was reminded this morning of the 10 spies Moses sent into the promised land. Eight of them came back reporting all of the bad and two of them came back and reported the good. Two remembered that God was on their side and 8 of them forgot that part. So what made the difference? Vision.

I hear people saying, “Seeing is believing!” but the Lord says, only those who believe will see. Faith must be firmly established in God, not the things we see in this natural realm. The bible states that without vision, we perish. Why is that? Because if we only believe what we see there is no hope, but if we believe what we don’t yet see, our faith filled words will cause them to show up in the natural realm.

What happened when God said, “Let there be light!” Light came!

What happened when God sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from all their diseases? Jesus came and did just that. He was the Word made flesh. Where did the breakdown come into play? Was it Gods Word that failed? NEVER! It was our failure to see and believe.

What makes a business plan succeed? Vision and faith in that vision plus determination to never give up. Regardless of the ups and downs, the highs and lows, they refuse to quit. This seems to be what Gods people are lacking. When they don’t see the results they want, they quit believing and try to find another way. God must be the ONLY way.

Jeremiah the prophet was such a great example of this. In chapter 1 beginning in verse 5 we read:

“Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations—that’s what I had in mind for you.”

But I said, “Hold it, Master God! Look at me. I don’t know anything. I’m only a boy!”

God told me, “Don’t say, ‘I’m only a boy.’ I’ll tell you where to go and you’ll go there.
I’ll tell you what to say and you’ll say it. Don’t be afraid of a soul. I’ll be right there, looking after you.” God’s Decree.

God reached out, touched my mouth, and said, “Look! I’ve just put my words in your mouth—hand-delivered! See what I’ve done? I’ve given you a job to do among nations and governments—a red-letter day! Your job is to pull up and tear down, take apart and demolish, And then start over, building and planting.” The very next verse says this: God’s Message came to me: “What do you see, Jeremiah?” I said, “A walking stick—that’s all.” And God said, “Good eyes! I’m sticking with you. I’ll make every word I give you come true.”

Even Jeremiah had to be taught to see things Gods way. He had to learn to trust that what God had him say was a done deal! Get a vision of Gods will for you and begin to declare it out loud to yourself every day. Then stand still and see the glory of the Lord because God always keeps His Word to those who trust Him.

Father, I trust You. What You said, You will do! Your Word will never return to You before finishing what You said will be done. I declare provision over the body of Christ today. Whatever it is they need, You’ve already provided so help them to place their complete trust in You. It’s in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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