Whatever Happens-Keep Your Faith!


Jesus replied, “It is only right to do all that God requires.” Then John baptized Jesus. And as Jesus rose up out of the water, the heavenly realm opened up over him and he saw the Holy Spirit descend out of the heavens and rest upon him in the form of a dove. Then suddenly the voice of the Father shouted from the sky, saying, “This is the Son I love, and my greatest delight is in him.” Matthew 3:15-17

Who baptized Jesus? John the Baptizer did. Who saw the heavens open and the Holy Spirit descend and rest on him in the form of a dove? John did. Who heard the Father say, “This is the Son I love, and my greatest delight is in him?” John did. So why is it that the same John sent his own disciples to inquire of Jesus, “Are you the one?”

So John dispatched two of his disciples to go and inquire of Jesus.  When they came before the Master, they asked him, “Are you the coming Messiah we’ve been expecting, or are we to continue to look for someone else? John the prophet has sent us to you to seek your answer.”

Without answering, Jesus turned to the crowd and healed many of their incurable diseases. His miracle power freed many from their suffering. He restored the gift of sight to the blind, and he drove out demonic spirits from those who were tormented.

Only then did Jesus answer the question posed by John’s disciples. “Now go back and tell John what you have just seen and heard here today. The blind are now seeing. The crippled are now walking. Those who were lepers are now cured. Those who were deaf are now hearing. Those who were dead are now raised back to life. The poor and broken are given the hope of salvation.  And tell John these words: ‘The blessing of heaven comes upon those who never lose their faith in me no matter what happens.’”Luke 7:19-21 TPT

Why did I share this story this morning? Because I want you to see that even the most anointed minister, those who have seen and experienced the mighty power of God up front and personal, can lose faith. You are not alone! You’re surrounded by many who have become discouraged, and disillusioned, caught up in a cyclone of debris that has robbed you of your will to go on.

You’ve questioned, “Did God really say that or was it my imagination?” After years of standing and waiting, perhaps you’ve even questioned whether the promises of God are only for a select few that doesn’t include you. I’m here to remind you of what Jesus said, ‘The blessing of heaven comes upon those who never lose their faith in me no matter what happens.’

Hold on regardless of the pain. He’s faithful who promised healing to your body. Hold on regardless of the lack, He’s faithful to provide for ALL your need according to His riches and He’s a rich God. Hold on regardless of how your children act, He’s faithful to keep your children and return them to His arms.

Just keep your eyes on Jesus, keep doing what He says to do and let Him take care of the rest. The bible says, Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass. (Psalm 37:5) It’s the devils game to convince you that God’s a thief and a liar when in reality, that’s who he is! Every time those thoughts come to your mind you must remind the devil that you know the truth of Gods Word and it’s that truth that sets you free.

Perhaps if John would have reminded himself of that day he baptized Jesus and what he saw and heard, he wouldn’t have lost hope, but he thought God was going to do it a different way and because it didn’t happen like he thought, his faith faltered.

The fact is, God’s not obligated to share His whole plan with us, it’s been hidden in His Word to be revealed to those who seek Him with all their heart. Suffice it to know that you’re a part-a very small part of a very large plan. Be thankful for the role you plan and keep your trust in Him.





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