His Orders


“The harvest is huge and ripe. But there are not enough harvesters to bring it all in. As you go, plead with the Owner of the Harvest to drive out into his harvest fields many more workers. Now, off you go! I am sending you out even though you feel as vulnerable as lambs going into a pack of wolves. You won’t need to take anything with you—trust in God alone. And don’t get distracted from my purpose by anyone you might meet along the way.” Luke 10:2-4 TPT

I’m not meaning to take this out of context by any means. This is when Jesus sent the 70 out into the neighboring communities and this was merely the beginning of the instructions he gave. Please read the rest for yourself, because this is applicable to each of us today as well.

However the words that felt highlighted to me in this passage was “go“, “vulnerable“, “trust” and “distracted“.

I had actually been thinking about this story for awhile now, but when I read it again in this particular translation, I saw it in a different light so to speak. These were 70 people who were ‘followers’ and we know for certain that Jesus never went after qualified people, but rather chose those rejected by others to be those he would qualify to go.

Since Jesus’ ministry was only 3 years long, we can be pretty sure that none of them went to ministry school. They were merely discipled by sitting under his teaching and watching him. Talk about a crash course in evangelism! So he said to them, “Go!” Knowing that they were scared, felt unqualified, didn’t know what to expect but the cool thing was that they went.

Heart pounding, white knuckling the whole way, they obeyed. They had seen too much not to trust that what He said, He would do. He gave instructions and they followed them and refused to be distracted with anything else. And the results? Read it for yourself.

When the seventy missionaries returned to Jesus, they were ecstatic with joy, telling him, “Lord, even the demons obeyed us when we commanded them in your name!” Jesus replied, “While you were ministering, I watched Satan topple until he fell suddenly from heaven like lightning to the ground.  Now you understand that I have imparted to you all my authority to trample over his kingdom. You will trample upon every demon before you and overcome every power Satan possesses. Absolutely nothing will be able to harm you as you walk in this authority. Luke 10:17-19 TPT 

Go and do what He’s asked regardless of your qualifications. For who the Lord calls, He qualifies. You may be afraid and vulnerable as the entire 70 were I’m sure, but remember this, He said He is with you ALWAYS, even to the ends of the earth. So go and do it afraid, trusting that He gave you all the authority you need to overcome every distraction, every trial, every rejection and every obstacle. You will always be a team of two when God is in you.

Father, thanks for this reminder. I don’t want to stay stuck where I am because of fears that I may do something the wrong way.  I will step out and show your love in the way you loved me, unconditionally. I may not get it right all the time, but I will try. It’s in Jesus’ name and for His glory, Amen.

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