Understanding Perfection


What reward do you deserve if you only love the loveable? Don’t even the tax collectors do that?  How are you any different from others if you limit your kindness only to your friends? Don’t even the ungodly do that?  Since you are children of a perfect Father in heaven, you are to be perfect like him.” Matthew 5:46-48 TPT

WOW! That right there, “you are to be perfect like him”, that seems completely unattainable and so hard to imagine. Yet Jesus said it so it must be true. Wasn’t that Gods plan all along? He knew we couldn’t be perfect in ourselves. We needed someone to give us access to that kind of love. Thus the famous and favorite verse from John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whoever believed on Him would be saved.”

God is love! Those who are living in love are living in God, and God lives through them. By living in God, love has been brought to its full expression in us so that we may fearlessly face the day of judgment, because all that Jesus now is, so are we in this world. I John 4:16b-17

Still don’t understand? He never intended for you to try to be perfect. You see, God is love and Love is perfect. If God is in you, His love makes you perfect. You only need to believe it, trust in it, stop trying to be perfect and trust in the perfect love in you. It’s not about the works you do, it’s about your belief in that perfect Love.

When the world looks at us, they should see His love reflected off His Spirit in us. The more He shines, the less of us is visible.

Father, rid me of every hinderance that others would see more of You and less of me. I step aside so that I may be a carrier of Your deep and abiding Love. I believe that You are the light of the world and that Your light is in me. Shine on through me in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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