The Unstoppable


The invaders charge. They climb barricades. Nothing stops them. Each soldier does what he’s told, so disciplined, so determined. They don’t get in each other’s way. Each one knows his job and does it. Undaunted and fearless, unswerving, unstoppable. They storm the city, swarm its defenses, Loot the houses, breaking down doors, smashing windows. They arrive like an earthquake, sweep through like a tornado. Sun and moon turn out their lights, stars black out. God himself bellows in thunder as he commands his forces. Look at the size of that army! And the strength of those who obey him! God’s Judgment Day—great and terrible. Who can possibly survive this? Joel 2:7-11 MSG (emphasis mine)

I’ve been doing this for awhile, blogging that is. It’s not something I do for show or a following of any sort. I simply respond to the Holy Spirit in writing things He speaks to my heart. In effect, it’s my way of journaling the downloads from God and tracking what He’s doing in and to me.

You are welcome to read and respond. You may not agree and that’s ok, but again, I’m doing this in obedience to God not you. I blog to the remnant who need encouragement to continue their race. Sometimes He gives me part of a word and I get more as I write. I’m hoping that’s the case here because all I got was the word ‘unstoppable’ and I had to visit several translations to find it in the bible.

The words, nothing stops them is the place I think I’ll start because that denotes an unstoppable force to me. It reminds me of the postal workers creed (thanks wikipedia)  “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”.

I liken this to the body of Christ, that remnant who remain hidden in obscurity, awaiting orders. They’ve developed the skills needed, the trust factor, they’ve graduated boot camp and are ready. Disciplined and determined. They’ve developed their skill with their words and know the power of the Holy Spirit in them.

Each one knows his job and does it. Undaunted and fearless, unswerving, unstoppable.

Even when the orders don’t make sense, they don’t question because they’ve learned His voice and they listen and obey. They’re not concerned with public opinion. Their heart beats with His heart. Their ways are not the ways of this world, but in doing the will of their Father. Just like Jesus obeyed unto death, they too are willing to lay down their life for those who have yet to experience the deep Love of God.

Look at the size of that army! And the strength of those who obey him! Is that you? Are you a part of that great army of believers?  It’s time to rise up and obey, to take the spoils of the enemy who has hindered and bullied and harmed and defiled the Word of our Great God Jehovah. Let’s be unstoppable!

Father, we will await our orders and obey you. We will run our race, keeping You always before us and Your living and active Word directing us. We won’t be distracted by the war that rages around us in this natural realm, but our eyes will stay on You, the author and finisher of our course. It’s in Jesus’ name we advance, Amen.


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