Pressure to Treasure by Sandy Gregory


As I was talking about the Lord yesterday morning, I discovered this; pressure can do many things to many people, but pressure was designed to press us into treasure.  A piece of coal was only coal, used to created warmth it has purpose. But apply extreme pressure over a period of time and you have a diamond.  Now you’ve created something much more valuable!

I’m not sure what you’ve been experiencing in your life, but my journey’s been rough! There were times I wanted to give up, throw in the towel, move to a remote island, hide, curl up in a fetal position, but what kept me, was the knowledge that there was so much more! I kept hearing the voice of God say, “Come up higher! Leave this world and it’s cares behind and come, spend time with me! There are things I want to teach you, things you won’t learn from a school. If you come, I will show you all you have access to and prepare you for the life I have for you.”

That’s where I go. It’s the life I’ve longed for since I was young.  The confident assurance that I was created for more! That there is more, but it’s not in this world or it’s riches or substance, it’s only found in Him. Because I want to be like Jesus, full of love, full or hope, full of favor, full of power.  I want my life to reflect Him in everything I do.

Ever want to ride out a storm in peace? Ever want to see the ‘greater things than this’ we would do? The signs, wonders and miracles that followed Jesus? Ever want tell the mountain to move and see it quickly obey? Ever want to say, ‘Be healed!’ to a quadriplegic and watch them leap out of their chair? Well God does too! But he’s looking to see who’s ‘all in’ and stays serving Him after the miracle happens, after the provision comes, after the peace arrives.

If you truly want more of God, turn loose of what has your heart until your entire heart belongs to Him.  Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal your secret agenda’s, your pride, your wrong thinking and your wrong believing. Get in His presence and don’t leave-ever! Do life with the knowledge that Christ is in you via the Holy Spirit, and he will NEVER EVER leave you. He can’t! It’s as impossible as taking water out of coffee. If He goes, you go!

Now live your life with that knowledge. He’s in you! Every decision you make, consult Him. It may sound silly, but it’s what pleases Him. Being a part of your life is what He created you for. You can’t have the goods without the relationship. It’s like being married, you can’t have a great marriage serving yourself. You can’t be in one day and out the next. It’s for the long haul and you give 100% all the time because the law of sowing and reaping always applies.

Proverbs 8:18; I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently will find me.

God is not hiding from you. Pursue Him and your life will be forever changed. I know, because that’s what happened to me.

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