The Decision in Question


I’ve been openly criticized for staying through Hurricane Irma in our 3rd floor condo. The creepy manipulative posts of friends who share their ‘concern’ or ‘wisdom’ of staying is at times a bit disconcerting for sure. But what they don’t realize is the fact that I’m not alone and I’m not staying for me. I’m not staying because I’m trying to prove a point, look like I’m more ‘holier than thou’.  I’ve weighed all the options and continue to hear the Lord say stay! Why? I don’t know, but I keep looking, keep encouraging, keep searching for those who will hear what the Spirit is trying to say.

I have a real peace deep down in my heart that nothing and no one can take away from me.  I choose to put my faith in play and trust in the Lord with ALL my heart, lean not on my own understanding or practicality, and just acknowledge that it is God who directs my steps.  If I live or if I perish, I will not fear! Fear brings torment but faith in God moves mountains (or hurricane’s for that matter)!

I’m not confident in my own abilities at all. I’ve prepared-made a list, checked it twice, totes filled with water are sitting in the shower for flushing and washing up, plenty of food, ice made and in freezer, cooler ready in case we lose power, flashlights, batteries checked, kerosene in lamps, lighters in place.  All the things I can do to get ready are done! But I refuse to sit on hands doing nothing. I will practice what I’ve preached lest I myself be a cast-a-way.

I will focus on the Lord, trust in Him, seek His face, do what He says. In seeking, I find Him. He’s always first and foremost on my mind and in my heart. I magnify the Lord and exalt His name forever. Will you come magnify the Lord as well? Because that word magnify means to enlarge or increase in size. When you make God bigger then Hurricane Irma, it’s subject to His power not the other way around.


The children of Israel were constantly living in fear. Fear of the Red Sea before them, but God split the sea and they walked across to dry land. When they crossed, they had no water, God provided and they drank. They had no food, God rained down manna from heaven and fed them, they still complained. If we can’t learn from our history that we serve a God who is well able to deliver us, frankly my friend, I’m not sure you really know the Lord.

Because there’s head knowledge and there’s heart knowledge. When you trust God, He becomes more than a name on a page. He becomes your water in drought, your peace in the storm, your food when you’re hungry and you’ll never be afraid or lack for anything. My friend, you too can know Him this way.  The bible says to believe in the Lord and you’ll be saved. If that’s enough for you, it’s ok, you’ll get to heaven.

But if you want more, there’s so much more!  You won’t find it doing your own thing. It will take sacrifice and discipline, but if you want more power in your life, plug into the only source of power that will turn you into a transformer.  He will transform you from just saved, to someone the world will run to in crisis. They’ll run to the light in you, the fire in you will warm others. It’s not so you can be bright, it’s so that you can make disciples of others who are making the journey to God.

I refuse to just talk about the God who can.  Christ in me gives me access to so much more.  I want people to talk about me long after I’m gone as someone who started fires all over the world. Who pushed people to burn with passion for the all powerful God who is well able to deliver us in time of need.

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