Anticipation That’s Worth The Wait


I’m so excited in my spirit this morning. It’s sorta like the feeling you get when you’ve just discovered you have the winning lottery number (I don’t buy them, but thats what I imagine). Perhaps the feeling I had after my roller coaster engagement, walking down the isle was such a dream come true.  How exhilarating!

You’ve had a dream deep down in your heart that no one else knows about, not even your closest friend. Hear the Word of the Lord this morning; ‘Get ready! I’m about to pour out a blessing you have not yet made room for. It’s bigger then you imagined. You thought you were ready but I’m going to blow you away. I’ve told you for years, get ready! The windows of heaven are opening.  My hand is on the latch. Can you see it? You’ve held your breath in anticipation. Now I’m going to really show off for you. You will know me in ways you’ve never known me before. Get ready. Behold, its at the door. Your life is about to change forever.

Selah (calmly think on that if you can). I’m breaking out my dancin shoes and doing the happy dance. WOOT WOOT! Shout out to the Lord!!! WORTHY! EXCELLENT! HOLY! SPLENDID! NO ONE LIKE OUR GOD!!!! Here I am, Lord. I’m ready to step into the most incredible journey, full of Your power and glory. To You be praise forever and ever, Amen.

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