I Love Your Presence


Psalm 92:4 & 5, “You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done. O Lord, what great miracles you do! And how deep are your thoughts.”

Though life throws many waves my way and I’m tossed on every side.  Though I’m worn out from treading water, trying to keep my head up that I might not drown.  I anticipate my time in your presence, Lord. Your arms reach down and lift me out every night, you give me sweet sleep as your angels watch over me. I see your eyes of love watching as I draw near to you.

Like a big warm blanket on a cool morning, your love wraps around me. You thrill me! I clap my hands in applause of your strength. It’s never enough time, this hour with you in the mornings. This is the place I belong and the longer I’m away, the more I long for you. Could it be you miss me too? I know you’re always with me, for your Word says it and I sense it throughout the day, but oh the sweetness of THIS time.

You take my breath away! Its the young love and the ancient love together as one. Until tomorrow than, I will faithfully do as you ask of me this day.  I so look forward to our alone time tomorrow. Amen

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