Putting Feet to Faith


Mark 11:22-24 GW: ” Jesus said to them, “Have faith in God! I can guarantee this truth: This is what will be done for someone who doesn’t doubt but believes what he says will happen: He can say to this mountain, ‘Be uprooted and thrown into the sea,’ and it will be done for him. That’s why I tell you to have faith that you have already received whatever you pray for, and it will be yours.”

The focus today is in the very first part, “Have faith in God!” He also ends it the same way, “have faith” that you’ve already received it when you say it. We don’t believe it till we see it because we say, ‘seeing is believing’ but God says the opposite. Did you catch that. Who are we to have faith in? God. It’s never about our ability, it’s about His.

Wait, so he’s asking us to trust him completely even when we don’t see it for years? Correct! What does the timing of a thing matter to you, you’re merely a servant of the Lord sent to do his bidding, the rest is all on Him. It’s not ‘positive speaking’ I’m talking about here. This is about spending time listening and speaking what he tells you to speak. If we are to be His voice in the earth then we must speak His Word to the earth.

Did you catch that? The Word spoken over the earth in your closet has power. You don’t have to be heard by anyone but God. Faith doesn’t come any other way but hearing (Romans 10:17). Let me say it this way, faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing, but if you never open your mouth to speak it, you will never see what you say come to pass. Faith without works is dead (James 2:20), or faith without proclaiming can’t activate the end result.

What else do the angels have to do but listen for the Word of the Lord. It only takes a little yeast to cause the bread to rise and it only takes vision of who God is to speak with authority and expectation. Nothing happened? Jesus walked away from the fig tree fully knowing that the tree had heard him. When he returned, it was manifested but it was done the moment He spoke. Let he who has an ear, hear what the Spirit is saying to the Bride.

No more selfish prayers! No more ‘I want, I want, I want!’ He said to believe you receive when you pray and you’ll have it. Stop trying to figure God out, he’s God! No matter how well you know Him, you’ll never know all of him until He reveals himself to you. Just seek him, that’s all he asks of you.  Jeremiah 29:13, “Seek me and you’ll find me if you seek me with all your heart.” He’s not hiding from you. He said if we knock, he’ll open the door and have fellowship with us.

Oh Mighty and Awesome God, my heart cries out to You, “MORE! I want to know You More!” And you draw back the curtain, revealing more of who You are. I open my mouth and declare health to all my flesh, prosperity in my bank account, peace and undisturbed composure to my children. I declare Jesus as Lord over my household and my city. There is nothing too hard for You and nothing You withhold from those who love You. I am Yours and I live for Your pleasure to do Your will in the earth. So Kingdom come! Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. It’s in Jesus name I claim this, Amen.

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