Remember to Remember


Deuteronomy 2:7; ‘Remember that the Lord your God has blessed you in everything you have done. He knows about everything that happened on the trip through this great desert. The Lord your God has been with you these 40 years. You have always had everything you needed.’

Remember. Sometimes we’re so focused on what we’re facing that we forget to do that. Remember how good God has always been to you. I was talking to a dear friend last night who has faced so many challenges that I almost wanted to encourage her to quit. No kidding! I’ve been there. I’ve seen what they’ve been through and it ain’t pretty. As I prayed for them and was thinking about them this morning, God led me to an Elijah List article by Al Thomas, Look Up, Not Down; Financial Blessings Are Coming to the Church! I encourage you to read it because it will set your wrong thinking back on track again.

I don’t know about you, but when I remember all that God has done for me, I begin to rejoice. It just naturally causes me to get excited to know that the God who did it then is the same God that will do it now. The God who took care of the Israelites in the desert is the same God who will take care of us now. He is a good, good Father! He loves us so much! We are always on His mind and in His heart. The bible even says that our names are engraved on His fingers. WOW! He’s got some big hands and they’re full of blessings for us. We just need to believe. We just need to remember.

The devil is doing his job when he gets you to think about lack of money, lack of groceries, lack of a job. He just rubs his hands together and laughs when he sees he’s distracted you and caused you to doubt what God can do. My friend, you need to treat him like the pesky fly he is and get out your fly swatter! As soon as he lands, swat him away! Get out the Word and tell him off! He’s nothing more than a thief and a liar so don’t let him in your home or your mind! Philippians 4:8-9 tells you exactly what you’re to think on. Get your bible out and read it!!!!!

Oh Father, today I will think about Your goodness and what You’ve done for me! I will think about Your promises and hold fast to Your unchanging hand. I will rejoice in the victories I have seen with my own eyes and experienced in my own life. What I’m believing for are merely promises You’ve made to me and You are faithful to Your Word and You WILL do what You said You would do! Nothings too hard for You! Nothing! I will put on my dancing shoes and dance before you. I’m so excited for my future that I refuse to step back into my past. I’m no longer THAT girl any longer. I’m Your daughter and You are my Father. You always take care of Your own. I thank You and keep my eyes locked onto Your eyes today in Jesus’ name. Amen

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