He Already Knew


John 2:23-25, Jesus was in Jerusalem for the Passover festival. Many people believed in him because they saw the miraculous signs he did.  But Jesus did not trust them, because he knew how all people think.  He did not need anyone to tell him what a person was like. He already knew.

Ever feel compelled to tell Jesus all about it? The way you’re being treated? The things that are going on in the world? About your lack? Your sickness? How people have lied about you and made fun of you? How you lost your job? Your house? How unfairly you’re being paid? Guess what? He doesn’t need anyone to tell Him what a person is like because He already knows.

It’s a well known fact that whatever you give your attention to, grows and whatever you ignore, shrinks. If you have two plants, one you water and fertilize, the other you neglect and don’t care for, which of those plants will thrive and which one will die. It’s the same with anything, good or bad. Whatever you give your attention to will thrive so you’d better be watchful as to what you give most of your thoughts and words.

Perhaps it would be better to stop talking about it and just believe that He is able to change each situation you’re in, whether you created it for yourself or someone else set you up for it. Perhaps if we spent more time speaking of His goodness, His mercy and grace, we’d spend less time griping and complaining as if He didn’t know. Guess what? God already knows what is going on in the world. He’s aware of what our president is doing, He put him into office. Yes that’s right! You may not like his policies but he is a part of Gods mighty plan for these last days. Who are you to question God? He who knows the end from the beginning is well able to take care of this thing. Is anything too hard for God? Well, when you talk about the problem like you do, you’re exalting the problem over the power of God to change it.

Father, we exalt or make large Your most Holy Name! There is nothing You’re not aware of or able to take care of so today, instead of looking at the news, we look at Your Word. Instead of looking at our lack, we see You as Provider. Instead of looking at our sickness, we see You as Healer. Instead of talking about the battle we face, we see You as our Strong Tower, Mighty Deliverer, Redeemer, King of kings and Lord of lords. You rule and reign supreme. No one has knocked You off Your throne! You’re still watching over us and even if we feel alone, Your Word says You’ll never leave us or forsake us, NEVER! So we thank You for Your constant presence in our lives. We thank You for victory over every area we currently struggle with. I am compelled to worship You and to praise You for all You are and all You will do. It’s in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

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