From One King to Another


I’ve just finished reading the longest Psalm, chapter 119, 176 verses total. Throughout the entire chapter I hear a constant repeating pattern and that is his love for Gods Words, His laws and precepts. Oh trust me, David questions what’s going on, he even whines a bit, but he always goes back to how good God is and praises Him in the middle of what he’s going through.

I think we can all take a lesson from this great king of Israel. He had learned that regardless of what he faced, the more he focused on Gods Word, the more he fell in love with the God who loved him. Verses 157-160 is a great example; I have many enemies trying to hurt me, but I have not stopped following your rules. I look at those traitors and hate what I see, because they refuse to do what you say. See how much I love your instructions! Lord, I know your love is true, so let me live. Every word you say can be trusted. Your laws are fair and will last forever.

Do you see that? He poured his heart out to the Lord as a king to his King. He understood Gods authority to change any circumstance. He knew that if he went before the Lord with his problems, he could trust Him to do the right thing. He understood that the Kings Word was law and could not be broken. He merely reminded God that he loved His Word. In doing that, he was also confidently taking his requests and requirements before the great King who had fought his enemies countless times before and won.

Psalms 119: 137-144 is my prayer today.

Lord, you do what is right, and your decisions are fair. The rules you have given us are right. We can trust them completely.
 Something that really upsets me is the thought that my enemies ignore your commands. I love your word. Time and again it has been proven true. I am young, and people don’t respect me. But I have not forgotten your instructions. Your goodness is forever, and your teachings can be trusted. Even though I have troubles and hard times, your commands give me joy. Your rules are always right. Help me understand them so that I can live. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

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