It’s My Opinion…..


Proverbs 18:2 GW; A fool does not find joy in understanding but only in expressing his own opinion.

Well, that woke me up! Never a truer statement, thank you very much King Solomon! I have to say that there is always a sense of awe when someone asks for my opinion on something or someone. Like, really? Why would you want MY opinion? And may I add, I’m not shy in sharing what I sense about someone. Silly Sandy! Perhaps it would be better if I duct taped my lips shut, because there’s this verse that comes to mind in Matthew 7:1, “Stop judging so that you will not be judged.”

I picture myself standing before the judgement seat of Christ and having all those I’ve loosely judged with my opinion, do the same to me. Can I just fall on my face right now and ask forgiveness? Lord, I ask that you wash away my opinionated words and place them under the blood of your forgiveness, in Jesus’ name. Let’s face it, we all have opinions because we’ve lived awhile, some of us a LONG while. We’ve seen things, watched patterns and people. I can pretty much watch someones behavior and tell you how their situation will turn out. I can even gloat and say, “Told you!” But isn’t that a fair amount of judging right there? Solomon called it like he saw it; You’re a fool!

Can I just point out a better way? The only people Jesus called out on their behavior were religious folk, anyone and anything else, He called out the things that were not yet seen as though they already were. “See! Walk! Rise!” He even told a mother that her son wasn’t dead, just sleeping. Whatever the Word says has to be of more value then what we see in the natural. I wasn’t called to reinforce the things I see, I was told to call forth the things that already are in the Spirit realm into the natural realm. So instead of saying, “What an idiot!” I should be saying, “That person is made in the image and likeness of God. Thank You for giving him discernment and wisdom.”

When someone asks for your opinion, better to answer, “I have no opinion that matters. What matters is Gods opinion.” Then tell them what the Word says about them. You are the righteousness of God in Christ. Feelings will change, but they only change when you know who you are! You are a blood bought child of the Most High God. He loves you and as you learn who you are and accept His love for you, whatever is wrong, God will make right. Focus on Him and His love for you. Let Him wash you and make you new.” Now wouldn’t that be better?

Father, I’ve been a fool so many times. Sometimes I wonder why you’re so patient with me, so loving, so affirming because I certainly didn’t do anything to deserve it. But You’ve always loved me, from the beginning, You’ve always taken care of me and watched over me. When I act the fool, You gently and lovingly correct me and remind me of Your patience with me. Forgive my foolish speaking. May I stop and remember to show the same love to others as You have graciously poured out on me. It’s in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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