The Seeds I Need


Psalm 35:27-28; Let them shout for joy and be glad, who favor my righteous cause; And let them say continually, “Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.”  And my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness and of Your praise all the day long.

All day yesterday, I kept hearing ‘the Lord takes great delight in the prosperity of His people’. We think of prospering as great wealth, but the word prosper actually means successful or fortunate, to thrive. It’s not enough to be wealthy, especially if you don’t use it wisely. What’s important is that you’re successful in every good thing you put your hands to, that you thrive in wisdom and walk in the promises that God spoke over you. Money comes and goes, but to be perpetually successful in all you do, now that is a blessing of the Lord.

The first part of this passage speaks of shouting for joy and being glad. When was the last time you shouted? Was it over a touchdown your favorite team made? How about a shout out to our God, the one who constantly watches over us and keeps us even when we do stupid things. He has our back! No one ever has your back like Jesus! There are things you aren’t even aware of that He’s kept you from. Can you give a shout out to your God?

And my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness and of Your praise all the day long.‘ Everyday, all day long, on the job, off the job. Watching your children play or sleep. When you think about what He’s blessed you with, tell it out loud. When you think of where you might be opposed to where you are, give Him praise! You woke up this morning, give Him praise! You have a job, give Him praise! You have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, food in your frig, hey, you HAVE a frig and it runs. GIVE THE LORD SOME PRAISE!

Oh Father, I praise your holy name. There is no one like you in all the earth. No one can compare to the deep love you have for me and you show me daily. You have given me so much, may I never take it for granted. I thank you for my job, for a good boss and a paycheck. Thank you that each time I bring you back what is yours, you smile and heap on me blessings I’m not even aware of. You watch over me, my husband and my children. You’re such a great God and I love you so much. I ask that you receive all the glory and honor for all that I do, I do it for you. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

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